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Wedding DOs and DONTs

Who would not want their wedding to be perfect? It’s a day which has been lived over and over again through out our lives. Here are some tips which can help you stay away from the wedding disasters and have a smooth memorable wedding.

  • DOs
1.    Plan your wedding well in advance. Make a wedding plan and follow that. Keep enough timeline to make booking and make changes if you don’t like something. On D-Day, you would not want to forget your wedding license or that your wedding dress has a problem

2.    Wedding is special to both bride and bride-groom. Plan your special day together. Decide on decorations, wedding cake, and other such things together. After all you won’t want to have difference of opinions on your special day

3.    Let your wedding ceremony reflect your personality. Customize your decorations, music, personal stories, and readings the way you want it

4.    Enjoy your wedding day instead of being tired or worried about the arrangements. Delegate work to your friends and relatives. Your wedding is your day!

5.    Stay in your budget. A great wedding does not depend on the costly decorations or expensive caterers. You would not want to start your new life paying debts. Have a wedding budget in place so that you don’t overspend. 


  • DON'Ts
1.    Don’t make hasty decisions. Weigh your options on the basis of cost and quality. For example, while choosing a wedding photographer, wedding decorations, etc, evaluate choices and quotes you may have

2.    Don’t bother about unexpected flaps. Just keep your cool and focus on your wedding. There are things which cannot be anticipated in advance and taken care off. Don’t keep your expectations very high

3.    Don’t keep your opinions to yourself. It is your wedding; don’t let your relatives or someone else take charge completely. If you don’t like something, get it changed the way you like it

4.    Don’t get drunk in your own wedding. While taking the vows, it would only be embarrassing to your friends and relative who are in their senses and would hear you slurring the vows

5.    Do not overspend. It is the most likable thing to do, since you want everything perfect. Don’t invite people who are not important or choose the decorations and caterers within your budget.