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Wedding Decorations

Add fun, style, glamour, and passion in your wedding with beautiful wedding decorations. Wedding decorations often embody the mood and personality of the couple. Planning and executing the wedding gets days to finalize everything. One of which is wedding decoration at the ceremony and the reception. Your wedding decorations would include the following things:

    Color Scheme: 
Set the style and tone with the color scheme you choose for your wedding day. You can choose colors for decorations, flowers, cake, accessories, invitation cards, and table linens. These can be complemented with drapery and carpeting. Also, your choice would depend up on the venue of wedding and reception, mood you want to set, and season in which you’re getting married.

    Personal Style
Having a personal touch to your wedding is always a good idea. Put your style in action without over-spending:
1.    Summers is the peak wedding season. Choose a different time of the year for your wedding
2.    Don’t spend a fortune on floral arrangements on each table. Instead use candles, maybe floating ones in a bowl with flower petals on the base
3.    Instead of buying huge floral decoration pieces for the entrance, rent them
4.    Use fragrances that would set the mood you like. You can use scented candles or nice smelling flowers. This would leave a lasting impression on your guests
5.    Use simple table decorations. Using white linen with napkins and plates would look elegant 


    Wedding Trends
While decorating your wedding venue you can follow some of the wedding trends used all over the world. 
1.    Follow the trend by choosing a trendy color for the season. For example, in winters/fall, one can choose from teal, violet, deep red, sage or mocha. On the other hand, in summer/spring choose from coral, turquoise, pale yellow, or platinum
2.    Have the trendiest wedding decorations. Choose centerpieces with different shapes and sizes, but the same color. Let the head table be for just the bride and the groom. Have a confectioner bar and candy buffet. Use candles, if your venue does not allow that then use battery operated LED lights or fiber optic lights
3.    With increasing awareness about going Green or choosing eco-friendly decorations, weddings can contribute to the cause too. These days people prefer using organic flowers, fabric, and food
4.    Choose a wedding cake according to the color scheme. Have hand icing done according to the theme, season and location

    Theme Ideas
Who says weddings always have to be so serious and exactly traditional. Add spice to your reception party or your wedding ceremony with your favorite theme. Keep in mind, the themes can be chosen according to your budget and mood you want to create on your wedding day. Here are some ideas

1.    Use decorations to create several themes. You can have candles if the event is in the evening. Choose a boat or poolside venue to create a beach theme.
2.    If the wedding date falls close a festival, set up your decorations in holiday style. It could be Christmas, Easter or even Valentines Day
3.    Fond of time period themes? Create medieval period magic or have the elegance of the Victoria era. Choose the Renaissance period theme and depict romance, merry and good cheer
4.    Themes can be incorporated in color scheme, favors, centerpieces, flowers, cake, guestbook, location and several others.