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Top 5 Unique Wedding Ideas

Every little girl dreams of an ideal wedding when she grows up. Whether it’s the flowing wedding dress or a beautiful bouquet in hand, it just has to be the best and perfect. Planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming. Looking for venues, finalization the decorations, making the guest list, it’s quite a tedious task. However, having a tinge of uniqueness in the grand event can spread like wave of excitement. Here are some unique wedding ideas you can implement to have a charming wedding in London.

  •  Wedding Venue
London offers an array of venues to choose from. From an ordinary Church wedding to a wedding in an unusual location, the city has something to offer everyone. One can start with finding an unusual venues for hire like an old movie theatre, a historic mansion, chic restaurant or venues with roof gardens. On the other hand, one can choose a usual venue; however can change the theme of decoration to add spice to the event. You can use different colour combinations in different rooms or put up screens to show different environments.

  •  Event Theme
Having a uniform theme gives your event a touch of class and style. You can use paper products (recycle paper recommended) which can create unforgettable memories. Have a costume party or give your guests hand-made masks. You can also use your personalized monogrammed vases on each table to give a personal touch to your guests’ experience.


  •  Striking Guest Book Idea
Let your guest book reflect your relationship, style and personality. Assign someone the task to take pictures of all guests at the wedding reception. You can use the instant camera, with which the pictures can be signed by the guests with a word for the couple. You can also get a guest book relating to the theme of the wedding decorations. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you can get a guest book with fishes and shells on it. This memory will be cherished for years by the couple. 

  •  Say it with the Décor
Décor can have a startling effect on guests. Have an unusual wedding with a historic décor. Decorate the drapes and tables on the same theme. Have floating candles in a swimming pool or flowers in a fish bowl. Also, use the color that reflects your personality. People generally expect bright chic colors; you can surprise them with white-on-white which will add elegance to the ambience. You can also use table of different shapes and sizes. Let every table tell its own story with flowers, candles or other decorations.

  •  Get the Water Color Artists
Hire a water color artist who would draw the reception as it unfolds. It would be interesting for the guests to watch the scene in pastels or water colors. This is ideal when it’s set in scenery like a beautifully landscaped garden or a wedding beside water.