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Tips to Hire an Ideal Wedding Venue in London

“Wedding” rings the bell of the most special moment in a person’s life. All of us want our most cherished day to be just perfect. One of the most exciting aspects is to look for a perfect venue for the wedding. London is imbibed with traditional charm of the past with a contemporary twist of today’s era. It offers an array of venues which would suit everyone’s style and mood.

London wedding venues are available with a variety of options. From hiring an unusual venue like a ship or having the customary wedding at the Church, London has it all. Looking for a perfect wedding venue could be tedious and it would take months. Here are a few tips that would help you get an ideal wedding venue in London.

1.    Decide your Ceremony
The first thing that needs to be decided is where are you getting married? You could look for a venue where you can perform the ceremony as well as the reception or look for a venue for the reception, located close to the place of the ceremony. If you plan to have a ceremony which is legal, religious or non-legal, then you need to check with the venue if they cater for such arrangements under their licensing rules. On the other hand, if it’s only a reception, then you can hire a hall which would accommodate the number of expected guests .

2.    Decide the Location
Location for the wedding reception venue largely depends on the distance of the venue from where the ceremony is conducted. Additionally, the venue’s location depends on the fact if the guests are travelling from outside the city. London has huge transport network, so it would be sensible to have a venue close to the airport or have a venue which is conveniently accessible from London Underground or the railway stations.           


3.    Venue Capacity
While choosing a wedding venue it is essential to evaluate the number of expected guests and the maximum capacity of the venue. A large venue for few people may loose the atmosphere and the experience your guests may have. Similarly, accommodating more people than the maximum capacity of the venue would get your guests uncomfortable. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a venue with appropriate capacity where there is enough space to hold the charming ambiance of the event. Also, it is essential to find out how the venue would accommodate dinner, dance, and reception. The switching of rooms needs to be smooth and you have to make sure the event’s momentum is not lost.

4.    Get the In-House Planner
It is advisable to have one contact who would help you run the event smoothly, while you relax and enjoy the event. The in-house planners are the best people who could suggest what works and what does not work for the venue. You can check with the venue, if they offer that service or you need to get one.

5.    Check the Weather
Whether you are getting married on a bright summer afternoon or on a cold winter day, there should always be room for alternate arrangement. Take into consideration, whether the venue is more suitable for summers or winters? While viewing a venue realize the importance of the weather outside. For a bright sunny day you should opt for a venue outside, however; for a rainy or a cold day, you may want to make arrangements inside. To accommodate large number of guests, one can opt for marquee extensions. One must look into the cost and facilities offered with it.

6.    Catering
While choosing a venue in London, it is significant to find out whether the venue offers in-house caterers or you need to get your own. It should be looked into whether the cost of hiring includes the equipment required by the caterers. Lastly, one should ensure the caterer offers tasting of the menu prior to the event.

7.    Decorations
Once the venue is chosen, one should find out whether they include the decoration cost as well. Decorations may include flowers, furniture, candles, linen and others.

8.    Other Factors
While hiring a London venue one should also keep in mind factors like
    Whether the venue allows children or not? 
    Is there any parking space at the location? 
    Does it have a disabled access/facilities?
    How many staff members would be allocated for wine and food service?
    Whether you can bring your own alcohol and caterer?
    Are the toilets clean in the venue?
    Dos and don’ts of the venue
    Insurance towards the deposit paid