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Tips to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

For a woman, her wedding day is close to her heart all her life. Since she is a little girl, she dreams about how perfect the day would be and how beautiful she would look. While planning your wedding, choosing a perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts. Your mother, sister or a trusted friend can accompany you to help you choose what looks best on you. Also, don’t forget to carry the pair of heels you would wear on your wedding day. You don’t want your dress to look short once it is made. Here are some tips that would help you make the best choice:

  • Choose your wedding style 
Choose your dress according to the wedding environment you have set.
Casual Weddings: Choose a hip short dress or a two piece suit
Formal Weddings: Choose an elegant long gown in ivory, white or cream with a train and gloves
Semi-Formal Weddings: Choose a gown brushing the floor, with no train. Try pastel shades.

  • Choose according to your body shape 
It is essential to choose dress in which you are most comfortable and confident. The dress should fit you the best and flatter you the most. Choose from a range of A-line to ball gown or empire waist. Ensure you can sit, walk, bend and lift your arms without any hassle. 
For an hour-glass shaped or pear-shaped bride, you need to balance the bottom and top-half of the body. Avoid the A-lines or strapless necks. However, for a petite and thin bride, avoid straight dresses. Get a nice fitted mermaid skirt which would accentuate your bottom.

  • Flatter your skin color  
Get a wedding dress that complements your skin tone. White, ivory and off-white, usually suit all skin tones. You can break the monotony and try some pastel shades that suit your skin the most. Try lilac or soft pinks, which would make you stand out. You can also choose the color according to the theme you have set in your wedding. Avoid bold colors if you have a fuller body.  

  • Choose the right fabric 
There are several fabrics in which wedding dresses are available. Make your choice according to the time of the year you are getting married in. You don’t want to shiver all day in winters, in a chiffon dress or wear brocade in summer and feel uncomfortable. Select a fabric, which suits your body shape and how comfortable are you in it. Try some bead work to add magic in your dress and make it trendy.

    • Select the Train 

Trains do make a bride look fabulous and makes her feel like a princess. However, it is important to choose the length of the train, since you would spend all day with that. The bridesmaid would help you carry it and arrange it while you take photographs or walk down the aisle. But, the longer it is, the dirtier it would get. Although you can get a detachable train, which can be taken off after the wedding ceremony and photography you want. You can enjoy the reception and dancing, without the hassle of carrying it.

  • Budget shopping 
Most likely, we over-spend in weddings. Especially when it comes to choosing a wedding dress, we generally tend to cross our budget. However, you can save a fortune by wisely selecting a dress which can save a great deal of money. Avoid buying a dress from an expensive designer store. Instead, look out for sample sale by designers, you might get your dream wedding dress without paying a huge amount of money. There is also an option to get the wedding dress on rent. After all, it’s just one day you would wear it.