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Have a Memorable Yet a Cost Effective Wedding

Wedding is everyone’s dream day. Especially for women, when they get their perfect clothes, decorations, and event management in place. However, arranging a wedding could be strenuous and costly. Therefore, it is essential for the bride and the bride-groom to make sensible selection while planning the wedding. Here are a few tips for wedding saving, yet have an unforgettable day:

  • Decoration
You can save a fortune by cutting down unnecessary decoration expenses. Mostly people use flowers, vases and other decorative items, which would be used only once. Therefore, you can ask your wedding decorator to rent such things instead of buying them. Also, you can personalize the decoration which gives a personal touch to the wedding.

  • Catering  
Having a long guest list can increase the cost of wedding. So, the first step is to cut-down the guest list and remove everyone who would not even remember who you are. Have your well-wishers, friends, colleagues and relatives on that list. Secondly, arrange a wedding brunch or a cocktail. Having a seated meal can be very expensive. But ensure the guests are invited at a suitable time for a cocktail or a brunch and inform them in advance so that they don’t expect a full course meal. Thirdly, check the local cooking or culinary art school. You can ask them to charge you only for the price of the food. 


  • Venue
Consider having the wedding on a holiday like Sunday, since the demand for the Church is less. Also, choose your venue sensibly. Have the same venue for wedding and reception as it would reduce the transportation cost. Also, you could ask to get your own caterers and entertainment system. This would help you save money on the exorbitant money the venue might charge you.
  • Wedding Outfit
Wedding outfits are available at outrageous prices. This can absolutely shoot up your wedding budget. Therefore, cut down on cost on your wedding outfit by buying it from an expensive designer store. Look for the sample designer sales instead, where you can get the wedding dress, just what you wanted, at an affordable cost. More so, you can wait for the discount season to buy one or consider renting a dress. 

  • Entertainment 
Save money on hiring an expensive band. Get in touch with your college band or ask one of your DJ friends to play some great selection of music at your wedding. Download music from internet and get a few heavy speakers and blow the music in your wedding. 

Who says weddings need to be expensive and get you to pay debts when you start a new life? It’s about sharing your special day with your close and loved ones, rather than worrying about the cost you are going to pay.