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For Those Who Want a Perfect Wedding

The chimes of the wedding tickle your heart from the moment the big day and date is fixed. The excitement of choosing the best whether it is the location of the wedding reception, the caterer, wedding dress, decoration or whatever, starts for not only the bride and the groom but also for the family. 

You need to make sure that you start to look for an ideal venue from a range of wedding venues offered by the city. Remember the last wedding reception you attended and the whole lot friends were appreciating the venue even a month after the event? That particular venue can be considered for your wedding too. 

  • Kinds Of Wedding Venues  
The city offers hundreds of superbly adorned venues for hire. However, it is for you to decide the kind of wedding venue you are looking forward to as per your taste and the budget.  

Hotels, Restaurants and Banqueting venues in London
The greatest advantage of hiring banqueting venues, restaurants or hotel venues for wedding receptions is that you need not make an effort to hire a caterer separately. However, you need to check the meal and make sure that the dishes offered are delectable and will be liked by your guests. 

Make sure you discuss the following before finalizing any venue:
•    The capacity of the function rooms according to the number of guests expected
•    The menu is one of the most important factors to be considered
•    Venue Layout
•    Decoration
•    The staff and the manager who will be responsible for the smooth execution of the event
•    Check-out the extra space if offered by the venue
•    If it is a hotel, then enquire about the bridal suite and the changing room is included or not in the venue hire
•    Ensure whether you are the only one hiring the venue for that particular date or will you be sharing the venue

 Halls to Hire
London offers a huge range of halls to hire to make your event a special one according to your budget. There are various livery halls in London which offer venues at extremely competitive prices and can be conveniently decorated according to your taste.

Some of the most prestigious themed wedding receptions in London have taken place in these halls. However, it is important to book these venues 5-6 months in advance because of the heavy booking they carry all through the year. Moreover, it is important that you discuss the facilities offered and ensure the surroundings are good before you settle down for such halls in London. Further the postulates which should be considered are:

•    General appearance is vital as this is once in a lifetime event for both bride and the groom
•    Is the hall spacious enough to accommodate the desirable number of guests
•    Temperature of the hall according to the weather
•    Do they have some in-house caterers or not
•    Is alcohol and smoking allowed?
•    The latest time by which the hall is to be vacated

If you are looking forward to a reception in open spaces or gardens in London, the marquee is such option which can accommodate large number of guests. Some of the best marquees hire companies can be arranged as per your choice. There is an array of themes and designs to choose from the brochures offered by these companies. These designs can even range from budget to luxury marquee with all the supreme decoration elements. Some of the best theme weddings are also planned in marquee arrangement. 

As far as the caterers in this type of wedding are concerned, they may require a separate tent to prepare dishes.  Make sure that the adequate washroom facilities are arranged in such a setting. 
  • Catering  
Hiring Caterers
Remember, the best caterers can only be chosen by recommendation and a thorough check. You can not just rely on what the caterer says but you need to personally consider this aspect by consulting few of your friends or relatives who have gone through the experience of hiring the wedding caterers earlier. 

Moreover, it is important to enquire about the extra elements like linen, cutlery, and crockery  offered by the caterer. 

Formal Meal
Instead of choosing exotic dishes in the desire to impress guests, make sure you choose the menu which is acceptable and is liked by your guests. You also need to figure out before finalizing the caterers whether there will be some vegetarian guests in your wedding reception.

Sit Down Buffet
Though the seating buffet set up is less expensive than the formal meal but expects the host to determine the layout of the venue and ensure that the guests can get a comfortable table.  Since there are a variety of exotic dished on offer, in this arrangement, the guests can simply serve themselves from the buffet and then return to their respective places. 

Standing Buffet
This is a rather informal way of catering in a wedding reception although appreciated by many especially in case of the large number of guests expected at the event. The food is arranged in one corner of the wedding venue. Since the guests would be standing, the host should make sure that glass clips are available to attach the plates to them. Consequently this will free one hand for serving the food. Moreover, make sure that there is some sitting offered if you are expecting some elderly guests at the event. 

Generally, the guests are served with Champagne, Fizz and Sherry as a greeting for the reception. Although a range of drinks can be served with buffet, wine is usually preferred with meals. Adding to these, the best options for raising a toast, either champagne or sparkling wine is chosen. 
However, the people who are supposed to drive or the children may prefer merely soft drinks. 

  • Wedding Cake  
Traditionally, a wedding cake is expected to be a two or three tiered cake either round or square ornamented with a beautiful marzipan and royal icing. However, in the current era, the choice of the cake is primarily decided by the wedding couple as per their taste. There are some hotels or caterers who offer wedding cake as a complimentary element to the wedding.