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Summer Wedding Ideas and Tips for the Budget Bride

Everyone imagines a wedding that takes forever to forget but not forever to pay off. When we think of our wedding, we rarely think. All we do is fantasise a fairy-tale wedding. When you plan to exchange vows, make sure to keep your budget in check especially if you are getting married in summers as it is the season of weddings. It’s quite exciting to be a June bride but it can cost you earth if proper planning is not ensured. Pulling off a magical summer wedding without breaking the bank is not that difficult. Here is a guide to help you plan the wedding of your dreams within your budget.

Frugal Venue
Budget wedding doesn’t mean that you have to arrange your big day in your own backyard. You can always opt for one of the stylish summer wedding venues in London. Cut short the guest list and plan your party at a great venue for hire in London. Hire a boat and you can have your wedding against the stunning backdrop of Thames. Choosing a naturally unique and attractive space will save you huge bucks on decor. 
For a casual and fun wedding, you can opt for a nightclub. Hiring a nightclub means, you can treat your guests with a cocktail reception and not a full course dinner which turns out to be quite expensive. The best way to save money is start your search for the right venue well in advance. Through advance booking, you can get some special offers and wedding packages too. 

Themes and Styles
It’s your day, so choose a theme that reflects your style and personality. It can be an object, favourite colour, or anything that tells something about you. Put your thinking cap on and make the most of the season. Since it’s a summer wedding, you can pick a vibrant theme that incorporates all the colours of the season. 

Choosing a single colour theme can be tricky as you may not be able to find budget decorations that complement the theme. On the other hand, a rainbow theme gives a chance to experiment with colours. Some of the popular summery wedding styles are Hawaiian, garden wedding, or a poolside wedding. 

Dazzling Decorations
It’s easy to decorate a summer wedding venue on a budget. You can use decorations that are easy on the pocket like balloons, candles, and streamers. Even simple chair sashes can add life and colour to the chairs. All you need is imagination. Instead of using flower centrepieces, you can opt for glass bowls with floating candles.

Use strings of holiday lights to decorate the ceiling. It will create the right romantic feel you want.  If you opt for an outdoor wedding, the trees and flowers will create a great ambience. All you need to do is touch up. For an outdoor wedding, you can use lanterns and fairy lights to create the right effect.
Wedding Flowers
Make sure that you purchase only seasonal blooms in bulk from a flower market. For bouquets, Hand-tied floral bunches are great option and are cost-effective too. Instead of buying separate flowers for centrepieces, place beautiful vases on the tables and put the bridesmaids’ bouquets in them. 

Roses, Tulips, Lilac, and Calla Lily are some possible choices for summer weddings. Do not choose delicate flowers if you are having an outdoor wedding. Choose flowers that can withstand heat of the sun.

Wedding Dress
As a little girl, you always envisioned your wedding dress to be perfect. But you don’t need to freak out. There are tricks and tips to find an elegant bridal dress that fits your budget. A good rule of thumb to find a chic and cheap dress is to keep an eye on special offers. Look for clearance sales and get the best bargains on the bridal dresses. 

You will only wear it once and then put it in the closet forever. So, hiring a dress is also a good and cost-effective idea. If you still want to purchase your own dress, look for a simple gown. If it’s too simple, you can add some embellishments on your own like a waist sash. 

Plan your dream summer wedding without blowing your budget with the help of these ideas and tips.