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Tips to Arrange Potluck Parties

Sharing the bounties of each other’s kitchens in a traditional way by inviting friends or relatives is one of the much admired party types in London. Commonly known as potluck parties, these are often fun celebrations with contribution of the spirit as well as dishes to the communal table along with great food and laughter. This is often a less formal occasion where the host feels free to invite guests with their specialties in drinks, cuisines or desserts. But like any other party, there has to be well organized way to host a potluck party too. 

  • Invitation  
Jot down the list of the guests you are planning to invite and also determine whether you are going to invite them through mail or through telephone. Inviting on phone is better in case of potluck parties as the assignments can be easily discussed and allotted on the phone directly. 
  • Break Down  
It is important to break down the party menu into parts like starters and drinks, salad course, main course and finally the deserts. This would help you to easily figure out the people bringing stuff in each category.
  • Quantity  
It is very important to specify the number of guests expected to the people who are preparing the dishes so that the quantity of the dish is arranged accordingly. If you are expected a great crowd you can even divide the same dish in a number of people. 
  • Main Course  
If there is something in main course to be roasted or served hot, then it is advisable for the host to take the task as it may be difficult for your guest to transport it and quiet inconvenient to carry them. 
  • Sitting Arrangement  
There should be ample space for sitting as well as moving around as per the number of guests invited. You can even choose a small venue in London excluding catering for hosting such parties in order to avoid congestion. You can ask some of your non-cooking guests to bring some paper or plastic ware.