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Exciting Pool Parties in London

Pool parties are great, especially if it’s the summer lurking around. It can be joined in by all the age groups, from children to the adults together at one time. Looking for pools around? Pool in your back lawn might come of handy, adorned with some great decorations for the special event. Outside you can find a space at some lidos or swimming pools with the London five star hotels. Venue for the party shall not be a problem with all the surrounding London hotels. You need some rare suggestions for celebration ideas. Have some rare pool party ideas:

  • Pool Party Themes   
Brood out some rare and charming Pool Party themes, that can carry the partiers in an adventurous mood.  You can theme the costume in a sun color, or have beach carousal, or maybe flooded it with some salubrious cocktails and mocktails, savoring your party with it. You can bring in some straw hats, or get the beach skirts swirling around, tugged on every lady of the party as a theme
  • Pool Party Games 
Nothing can be more fun than having it in the best costumes at games on the water!  You will have the best of the time playing ball, or jump right into the water with the biggest splash. A water fight or the most interesting competition of dives, diving stick or swimming color games will be some brilliant ideas for Pool Party games. Keep the invitees engaged in the fun of the moment. But don’t let the spirit of competition get over the people, as a stress free fun of the party will be suspended by it. 
  • Flavors of the Party   
Eatables are the life of every party. Along the splash in the water, enjoy it with the dishes that get along with water. What best eatables can you think of for a pool party? Well, drinks are inevitable. But with eatables, bring something soothing your taste buds yet not filling your stomach to the full. Circulate light refreshments like a delightful Yogurt, cup cakes, ice creams, sundaes, fruits and salad. Keep the food light, as swimming does not get along a heavy food. Bring some light snacks in your Pool Party menu.  
  • Musical Pool Party 
Pool Party dominated by some great music will be a good idea. Swimming and swaying can come along, with the people dancing and dipping. But if you have games more than pool party dance in head, then play a light music in the background, while everyone gets too indulgent in games. 
  • Pool Party Invitations 
Dispatch your Pool Party invitations in a bohemian style, which tells how much bash your theme party is going to have. You can use some catchy article, like a ball, sea shell, a toy surf board or maybe a beach hat and write an attractive line that fascinates the people like “swim it here to an adventurous day”. Invitation will be informal, so keep it so.