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Tips to Hire the Best Prom Venue in London

Decorating the school gymnasium for prom is not an option these days. No student wants to go back to school to celebrate the end of school life. Choice of London prom venue can truly make or break your event. A unique venue will set the right mood while a tame venue will spoil the biggest night. Finding and hiring a venue in London is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is thoughtful consideration. Here are some points to keep in view while looking for a perfect prom venue.


It’s not you but the budget that will decide the venue. First, set up a budget and then start looking for venues that fit into your budget. The best penny-saving tip is to start your search for the perfect venue months in advance. Early booking will ensure you get the best venue hire deals.


The best way is to pick a central location which is easily accessible to all. More the distance, more will be the cost of limo hire. Plus, not all will be riding on a limo. So, it’s quite sensible to choose a location that is well-connected to London transport links.

Type of Venue

Determine the type of venue you require depending upon the nature of your event. For a traditional prom ball, a spacious livery hall or a ballroom is more apt while for a casual prom, a nightclub, or a boat can be the best choice.

Size of the Venue

Before looking for a venue, have a rough idea of the number of expected guests. Avoid the disappointment of visiting a stunning prom venue only to find out that it is too big or small to accommodate your guests.

Dishes and Drinks

Way to man’s heart goes through his stomach. And this also applies to women. If you want to win the heart of your guests, make sure that excellent food is served with elegance at the venue. Check whether the venue has in-house caterers or you have to make the arrangements on your own.  


Pay a personal visit to the venue and see what it has to offer. Check whether the decorations are satisfactory or you want some additions. Also check whether the total cost also includes decorations cost.

Considering these points will help you in finding the right prom venue that will make the prom night even more special.