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After Prom Party Ideas to Carry On the Fun

Prom night doesn’t end with the dance. That’s when the fun really gets started. Whether you want to catch a comedy gig or enjoy a karaoke night, an after-prom party is as important as the main event. Most grads want to carry on the fun till sunrise. With the help of these ideas, you can plan an action-packed night. 

Karaoke Night
Do you want to sing it out loud like a rock star? Plan a karaoke night and belt out your favourite tunes. Most of the prom venues in London offer jukeboxes, microphones, sound systems, and other equipment required for a karaoke night.

A Sleepover
It will be great fun to gather at a friend’s house for a sleepover. Extend the evening of freedom with a sleepover party and create memories of a lifetime.  You can fill the nigh with fun activities like shooting funny videos, a movie with popcorns, or play truth and dare. 

Late Night Eat Out
Prom is not the night to stay at home. Continue the fun by opting for a late night supper. After you have burnt all your energy on the dance floor, a late night dinner is a perfect option to recharge your batteries. Take a Limo ride with friends and pop in a late night bar or restaurant. Enjoying your dinner in the wee hours is a truly unique experience.
Casino Night
After a fairy-tale night, it’s time to indulge in some glamorous activity. Plan a casino night and enjoy gambling and glamour of Las Vegas, the sin city. Hire a small venue and set up some tables for casino games. Hand out some cash to all the guests and let them try their luck. 

Go Bowling
After a magical prom night, why not try something fun. Shop up at a local bowling alley and gear up for a fun-filled night. Replace your heels with bowling shoes and your prom corsages with bowl. Don’t forget to capture the moments in pictures. 

After-prom party gives you a chance to keep up the fun and celebrate till late at night.