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Privacy Disclaimer

We take enough effort to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate, but it is subject to changes from time to time. The City Collection will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred by any individual acting in reliance upon the information.

Privacy Statement

We understand that the purchases you make online involves your trust. Thus, we undertake responsibility to retain your trust and are committed towards safeguarding your privacy while you visit our website. When you disclose your Personal Information on this site, you give us consent to collect, store, and use your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

‘Personal Information’ refers to any information including but not limited to your name and address that personally identifies you to enable us to provide products and services available through this website. Using your Personal Data, we may offer information about new services and products that we think may be of interest to you. You can also opt out of receiving this information by contacting us at the address mentioned at the end this Privacy Policy.

While using the services given on this website, if you provide us with any Personal Information related to your ethnic or racial origin, religion, opinions, and other beliefs, we will not disclose this information to any individual or third party for any reason without your prior consent.

We may disclose or transfer any Personal Information provided by you to our professional advisers and other parties, who are necessary for the administration of the website. We may also disclose any Personal Information if required to disclose such information by the law.

The Personal Information We May Collect From You

We may collect following information when you visit our website:

  • Your email address, name, postal address, and any other detail you voluntarily provide to us while filling in online enquiry forms
  • Your telephone number, date of birth, and credit or debit card details (i.e., card holder name, CVC code, card type and number, and card expiry date)
  • Your IP address (a unique identifier used by computers to identify and communicate with each other) recognised by our web server
  • The location of your computer, its domain name, operating system, the URL you came from, browser version and the sections of our website you visit
  • Cookies from your browser to track the use of our website when you access it
  • Information you give to subscribe our newsletters, email notifications, and website services

Any Personal Information we use to provide you best online experience.

How We Use Your Personal Information
We may use your Personal Information for several purposes, such as:
  • For contacting you related to your enquiry
  • For dealing with your requests and enquiry
  • For giving you updates to www.thecitycollection.org website
  • For monitoring traffic and gathering browsing behaviour on our website using the IP address of your computer

We will not use any Personal Information for marketing purposes or other services unless you have agreed to let us contact you for them. Your Personal Data will only be shared with a third party if required to do so by law for purposes of crime detection or prevention.

We have suitable organisational and technical measures in place to prevent any kind of alteration, misuse, or loss of your Personal Information. All transactions you make on our website are protected using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which helps in storing your information securely.

Since, Internet is not generally a secure medium to communicate; therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of any Personal Information you share with us over the Internet.

If you will like to opt out of receiving communications from us then you can contact us at sales@thecitycollection.org

Cookie Information

Websites use cookies to provide you an improved user experience. If a website does not use cookies, it will consider you a new visitor every time you move to a new page on the site.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small, encrypted text file that a website server places on your computer when you browse the site. Only this website server will be able to retrieve any details or contents saved on the cookies. Every cookie is unique for your web browser, as it may contain some anonymous information including the site name, numbers, digits, and an identifier. We use cookies to enable efficient website navigation and perform certain functions like:

  • Keep a track of items you have added to the cart so that we do not ask you information again at the checkout
  • Determine how many web users visit this site and to ensure that the site is running fast and efficiently
  • Analyse how our customers use the website and provide them enhanced services
  • Provide a safe and secure service for online transactions

Cookies are legitimate and constructive tool, used for different activities including verifying the identity of web users.

Types of Cookies

Following are different types of cookies used by websites:

Session Cookies- They are temporary text files that expire once you close your web browser. These cookies help us ensure that connections to our server are evenly distributed to provide optimum performance.

Persistent Cookies- They remain in the cookie file of your browser longer than you visit our website. These cookies enable us to remember your refusal of our use of cookies.

First Party Cookies – thecitycollection.org directly sets and handles these cookies, therefore no other website can read or access information from them.

Third Party Cookies – We give separate permission to these cookies to use our website and allow other website to record certain actions you take on The City Collection website.

What Cookies Do We Use?

Functional Cookies – Working of certain features across the site including the cart, check out and custom content can be monitored using these cookies. We specifically use these cookies to:

  • Retain information about the items you have ordered in the shopping cart
  • Remember the search options such as occupancy, date, and number of rooms so that you do not have to enter them for every search
  • Identify who is logged in while cancelling or amending and making corporate bookings

These cookies are not used for advertising any product or service to you.

Cookie List

  • ASP.NET_SessionId
  • __atuvc

Analytical Cookies – We use analytical cookies for measuring website performance like number of errors, number of purchases, and number of visitors. We use these types of cookies to:

  • Classify and recreate any errors that may occur
  • Gather anonymous statistics on how The City Collection website is used

We do no advertise products and services to you through these cookies.

Cookie List

  • __utmz
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc

Third Party Cookies

Third Party Type of Cookie Purpose
Google Persistent (longer than 30 days) Help in monitoring traffic volumes to our website, which enable us in understanding how our site is working and fix any problems. It makes sure that our website is fully optimised and functional to create the best possible user experience.

To opt-out of receiving these cookies please see Google's privacy policy at:
http://www.google.com/privacy/policy or visit
Addthis.com Persistent (for one day) Used for bookmarking and link sharing on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook

How To Control Cookies

Altering cookie setting is a simple task that usually differs between browsers. Here is how you can access your cookie setting in different browsers..

How To Delete Cookies

The process of deleting cookies is an easy task that differs between browsers. Here is how to delete cookies in popular browsers.

For detailed information about using cookies, visit http://www.aboutcookies.org.

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