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Top 5 Ideas for Hen Weekends in London

Girls need some time to themselves before it’s the big day of their life. To think and realize a girlie time together, full of fun and happening moments. You can try some anomalous ideas to bring those moments, which are sure to make an experience of your youthful vigor. Here are five suggestions for your Hen Weekend in London. 


  • London Restaurants
Your hen gang can walk into the exquisite restaurants of London, serving appetizingly delicious grub. You can ask for special arrangements, depending on your plans for the day. Yu can theme it or just get a chatter box with eating fetishes. A variety in cuisines, styles and the decorations will take care of your wild spirit commanding over you. So, de-cork the champagne and let it flow out. The restaurants of the five star luxury hotels have the capacity to add spice to your day in great degrees. 
  • Weekend Trip
You can carry out a weekend trip to some romantic or adventurous place. Taste leisure by lying under the sun. Or let the spirit of adventure play on you, and allow the best of it come out in places like London and Baltics, where you can party in wildest ways. On a weekend with a gang of friends, getting as naughty as the place allows them to be. Think about the places that would be your ideal space. 
  • Spas
Just before your marriage, you would need to calm yourself down of all the stress that is related to the marriage arrangements. Go for a spa treatment and relax under its healing touch on your body. London hotels have great facilities for this exotic time with your self. You can book yourself with one of such opulently rich and exotic hotels.
  • Naughty Things in Mind
One brilliant idea will be to spend a day or two out at a hotel with your girl gang, and have your way on this day. Play games, ask questions, eat sensuously delightful food and let the free girl in you sway. This is the best time to talk. And when can possibly be a better time? Go and book one of those hen venues in London and party it out there. 
  • A Bash at Nightlife
Nightlife has a freedom about it. So why not try something really wild and liberating. Live up the passing moments of your singlehood in a thrilling evening at the nightclub, where you can sway your body getting inebriated.

Try these ideas while planning for your day of Hen weekend. Add a bash to your day through these rare ideas.