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Tips to Arrange an ideal Cocktail Reception

The mere thought of cocktail reception in London entices the mind of the guests who are sure to attend the event in London. Arranging a cocktail party in London is a great way to entertain the guests as they accommodate any sort of guests simultaneously from close relatives to critical business associates. However, there are a few necessary guidelines which can make your cocktail reception successful irrespective of the kind of crowd you are expecting. The following steps to towards the success of your cocktail party would determine a great deal of excitement and would also avoid any hassles at the eleventh hour. 


  • Step 1:  Fix the Time
The time frame of a cocktail party traditionally followed is between 6 ‘o’clock in the evening to 10 ‘o’clock at night. Maximum numbers of cocktail parties in London are catered for 2-3 hours in length. 

  • Step 2: Buy Good Amount of Ice
Ice is an important ingredient of a cocktail party. Do not forget to buy more than enough ice since it would not only be used for drinking but also for chilling cans and bottles. 
  •  Step 3: Have a Range of Glasses
Having a great collection of glasses along with the variety of cocktails is a great deal of concern as it gives a style to your party. You can select nice wine glasses for wines, high balls for tall drinks, tumblers for juices and spirits or martini glasses. It is important to arrange at least twice as many glasses as the number of guests. 
  • Step 4: Collection of Your Bar
•    For Wine Lovers: A single bottle for every two people
•    For Beer Lovers: One six-pack for every two people
•    One or two liquors (rum, gin, vodka, scotch, blended whiskey or tequila) which can be converted to a range of cocktails
•    Not to forget, mixers and grinders like soda, orange juice, limes, cola, ale etc.
  •  Step 5: Menu
It is always better to have too much food. Whether or not you are arranging dinner, the quantity should be optimum. If it is only the snacks choose the best ones along with the variety of meat, vegetarian, spicy and sweet to go for the drinks. 
  •  Significant Tips
•    Cocktail receptions help you to ease down your effort to mix the guests who are otherwise not comfortable with each other. 
•    As far as the room layout is concerned, you should arrange 1 seat for every 2 people as people love to circulate during such party and have a better time moving here and there.
•    You can even set a dress code for such parties. This gives elegance to the cocktail reception.
•    Arranging a taxi for those who are not fit to travel back home is a significant facility which can be made available after the party ends.

So, go ahead and arrange one of the best cocktail receptions in London.