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Anniversary Celebrations in Bizarre Style

Why is anniversary celebrated? It is not a social obligation. It is a matter of heart which has more to do with the feelings than anything else. You won’t find this date on the calendar marked as a special day. No one else will be celebrating this day as you, as it is a celebration of the love shared by the two of you. It is the cherishing of the dreams that you saw together, the love you shared and the fights you had in the bygone years with your ever undulating love.

More than anything else, it is the time when you can express the love you nurture for your soul mate.  It’s the best time to say it all in your unique way. So don’t follow the over trodden path of anniversary celebration coming from the past. There can be a numerous bizarre ways of celebrating this occasion if you take my word for it! Go about the following suggestion for some unique ideas. 


  •  Celebrate it With a Card
Cards play a superior role in expressing how you treasure your love. Don’t leave it undone by following the usual plain way of handing a card. Make it special by quoting the most treasured moments, sentences or reviving the initial apprehensive feelings, mixing them with the passion that you feel now. Let it be the mushiest thing to bring the love in the watering eyes of your soul mate. 
  •  Visit the Past
You can visit the past by trailing the places you visited in the initial days of your love. Try to revoke the very same situation, probably by eating the same meal you did on the terrace of a mall or book the room where you had your honeymoon. Your memory will reflect the love you nurture for your beloved. 
  •  Add Your Flavor 
Rather than going in a restaurant or throwing a party to friends, do something that the two of you enjoy. It can be something as bizarre as together taking a bath under the shower, or going about in your paradise of a movie festival or plan a date besides a pond. A shared feeling or thought should play as the theme of your day. 
  •  Gift 
Gift is the indispensible part of any celebration, and it’s the anniversary. Rather than making her buy something for herself, gift her something of your understanding of her. That’s something which is going to touch her heart. Get her a ring or maybe a particular handbag she ever wished for. Don’t let the opportunity of being the gallant slip, which any women is going to fall for. 

Anniversary is the rejuvenation of love which gets clouded amidst the overbearing pressures of life. Love is incomplete till it is taken to the expression. Celebrate your day in your style and revoke the love vows.