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All About Prom Parties

Merely a thought of a prom night away strikes a raw nerve in many teenagers. Some may carry good memories of the prom for their dance with the love of their life for the first time and some may have bad memories for they were not accepted. Apart from this there are a number of factors that determine the success of your prom party. 

  • Vintage Prom Dresses
Much anticipated factor of a prom party is the dress. Designers strive to offer the hottest and most sought after styles for youngsters who want to make a splash. Choosing a vintage prom dress is one of the unique ideas to go for. These may include soft, romantic and generally full length gowns for women. On the other hand, the young men can select the best tux look smart. 

  •  Prom Hairstyles
Hairstyle goes hand in hand with the shape of your shape. The trends you pick should suit your face and that is what the key to an ideal appearance is.  

•    Long and Thin: The aim is to add the width to a long and thin face. Choosing your hair down with loose waves by the side of your face will give a balance to your look. Whereas an up do would look better if you choose to loosen your hair with curls around the face in order to add a width.
•    Round: Adding a height to your hair will make your face longer. Keeping your hair close to the face while wearing them down is a perfect strategy for round faces. On the contrary, if you are selecting an up do, adding height at the top will lengthen the face. 
•    Oval: Almost any hairstyle goes with oval face. You can wear your hair either up or down, long or short and even the latest trends. 

  •  Tips to Follow in Advance
•    Practice Doing Your Make-up and Hair: Do a trial of your make-up and hair-do that you have decided and determine how much time it takes so that you get a fair idea of when should you start dressing up on the big day. 
•    Double-check your Dress: Try your dress to make sure that it fits gracefully if you have bought it well in advance. Also, ensure that it is not wrinkled at the eleventh hour. 
•    Eat Healthily: Make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals in your meal at least a week before the prom so that you look gorgeous by face. Drinking a lot of water will also help.