Winter Party Ideas in London

Chilly weather outside doesn’t mean it’s not outdoor party time. There are occasions that call for hearty celebration irrespective of the season like anniversaries and birthdays. This winter, take the party outside. And weather is no excuse especially when you’re in London where the sun always plays ‘hide and seek’ all year round. With fun themes like winter carnival, cosy venues, hot recipes, cocktails, and decorations, winter parties are becoming a bit hit. Here are some ideas to kick start your outdoor winter party in London.

Find an Outdoor Venue
Weather in London can get quite cold and breezy at times but that doesn’t mean you can’t have party outdoors. Just make sure that whatever venue you choose has a marquee mounted. London has a choice of garden venues with marquee structures so if the weather turns foul, guests can be moved into the marquee to carry on the jubilation. Since you’ll be hosting some outdoor winter games to keep up warm, Bank of England Sports Centre is the most suitable venue. You can hire the Terrace Room which is a marquee structure with a chequered floor, spot lights, and heating system.

Themes and Ideas

Pirates of the Snow
Combine the naval fun with a treasure hunt and you have a hit party theme for kids and adults alike. Hire a Thames boat and hide a treasure chest. Divide the kids into two teams and place clues inside food containers and rest rooms leading to the treasure. HMS Belfast cruiser is offering a special party package called Top Secret Mission on Ship. Guest armed with camera, HMS Belfast dollars, and a unique password, will begin a series of intelligence assignments on board the ship which will include gathering clues, cracking codes, meeting undercover agents, deactivating bombs, and sweeping of bugs! The package is priced just from £55.00 + VAT per person and can be obtained for 10 to 200 people aboard.

Winter Olympic Games
Who says Olympics only happen every four years? Though Olympic fever is gone in London, having a winter Olympic party can turn out to fun for all. Arrange a sledging race for kids. Since it will be cold, they would definitely want to run. Award medals made of chocolate coins to make it a rewarding experience for kids. Competitions could also include a snowball fight. If it’s snowy, set up games in the snow using snow balls, plastic balls, and ice cubes. Ask kids to toss the ball into a hole in the snow mound to earn points and prizes. Decorate the place with Olympic rings, flags, and winter sports gear like skis and ice skates.

Ice Skating Party
Make the most of the winter ice rinks opened every year in London from October onwards. Outdoor ice rinks at Natural History Museum, Tower of London, and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland welcome hundreds of skaters daily. Invite your party goers to one of these local ice rinks and have a fun time together carousing on the ice. Using public ice rinks is the safest idea as these ice rinks have special provisions for little ones.

Beat the Winter Blues
To ensure the weather doesn’t literally sends chills down the spine, you need to have some arrangements. Here are a few ideas.

If it’s an outdoor winter party, create a bonfire to create a warm setting (play safe). Use outdoor heaters and chimneys to keep the cold ay bay. Decorate the tables with rustic lamps and candelabras, creating an intimate and warm ambience. Offer a basket of blankets for people to wrap around and keep cosy. Also, don’t forget to mention it in the invitations that it’s an OUTDOOR winter party so guests can dress accordingly. If it’s an indoor venue, make sure it has a working fireplace to create a cosy setting.

To make sure guests don’t shiver all night, choose your menu thoughtfully keeping the freezing weather in mind. Greet your guests with heated cocktails like Apple cider with calavados or hot butter rums. For non-alcoholics, make sure to make arrangement for hot tea, coffee, soups, and hot beverages. Roasted nuts, zesty chicken chilli, and marshmallows cooked over the fire can be good additions to your menu.

Planning a winter party in London is easy and exciting as long as you follow these ideas and tips. And London is the most magical place when it comes to hosting winter parties; so, just relax, as your party is sure to be a bit hit.

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