Why Choose Trinity House Venue for Your Next London Wedding

Located in financial district of London, Trinity House is a superb wedding venue for hire. Its timeless elegance and neo-classical architectural style impresses both hosts and guests. Designed by Samuel Wyatt in 1794, it is one of the oldest venues for hire in London. Versatile rooms and excellent service make Trinity House a perfect choice for social events.

Find out why you must choose this venue for your next wedding:

Wedding Venue in City of London
This is one of the most attractive wedding venues in City of London. Huge rooms here have views of Tower of London and River Thames, offering delightful set up for your wedding. The Library with Minstrels Gallery is ideal for holding large wedding parties for up to 120 guests. The central location of this space makes it easy for your guests to travel from varied parts of London.

Perfect Views
If you are in search of an elegant wedding venue London with a view, then hire Trinity House in the City. Located in Trinity Square, this venue offers views of beautiful gardens and River Thames. The Library, largest reception area within the venue, features incredible views of mellow stonework and turrets of Tower of London. It also connects to Pepys Room where your guests can enjoy dancing.

Amazing History
When you enter large reception room in Trinity House, you see models of maritime vessels and columned doors. These unusual models and giant twin-curved staircase reflect role played by Trinity House in Britain’s maritime history. The reception area here features an impressive collection of 18th century paintings, silverware, and artefacts, making it a historic venue hire London.

Trinity House is a historic London venue that offers timeless elegance for your wedding celebrations. Call us at 020 7070 4488 or email us at sales@thecitycollection.org to hire Trinity House venue in London.

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