Where to Plan a Romantic Dinner in London

Spark your dinner conversation with twilight views, ethnic cuisine, and tempting wine lists. Long-stemmed roses and attractive pick-up lines are nice to pamper your partner, but a romantic dinner at an unusual venue is the way to go. Great hospitality service, tranquil setting, and mesmerizing views make these venues a perfect place to enjoy a dreamy dinner. Take your best mate to one of the following venues in London, where the settings are as splendid as the food.

Minster Exchange venue in London

Minster Exchange
London’s most secluded dining can only be enjoyed in venues like Minster Exchange. Located in the centre of the City of London, this venue has recently gone through a renovation and now offers the ideal multi-functional space for any hospitality event. With opulent facilities and delicious meals, the venue boasts a restaurant, a bar and conference rooms. Indulge yourselves and savour their famous luxury sandwiches, beer-battered haddock and chips, garden pea risotto, and lemon tart puddings with raspberries.
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Vintners Hall in London

Vintners Hall
Picturesque rooftop lush green garden and desert tasting menus nicely pair with riverside views at this 15th century hall. The 650th old year venue is perfect for all types of event, especially private dining and receptions. High ceilings, gilt cornices, and outstanding chandeliers are some of the elements that add extra charm to this venue. If you are planning to host a private dinner for his or her birthday, then Vintners Hall is sure to set the mood for your special celebration.
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Corney and Barrow Masons Avenue

C and B Masons Avenue
The Corney and Barrow is the reputed chain of bars in London, and a meal at Masons Avenue is like dining in paradise. Beloved of Londoners and travelers alike, this bar is set in a small street that makes it a property industry secret. To give you a fine dining experience, the venue boasts newly designed private wine rooms that are ideal for hosting a private wine tasting party. Besides this, the bar offers a creative cocktail list as well, which is made by the C and B’s genius mixologist.
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Amber Bar in London

If you are always attracted to the next fancy new thing, then this fantastic bar is what you are looking for. The alluring space of Amber bar allows romantic diners to enjoy classic cocktails and a private dining experience. Sited in the hub of the financial district of the capital, this one-of-a-kind establishment is just a quick stroll from Moorgate station. Traditional dishes, excellent service, and inspiring wine lists will surely create a date to remember.
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These venues offer you a tranquil setting to host a romantic dinner or a private dining with loved ones. Book any one of these venues that happily cater to your dining needs.

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