We Dare You to Try These 5 Kick-Ass Prom Dresses of All Time

When the going gets tough, how about taking things to the next level. By next level we mean either over-the-top daring or below-the ground dumb.

We have seen the peer pressure of a prom or a leavers’ ball. The anticipation of a prom for a student and its final outcome is just some experience with so many traditions. One such prom tradition that the youngsters put their heart and soul into is their prom dress/suit. Months of planning, tears, tantrums, sale searching, and negotiations with parents result in that one prom dress – short, red, black, long, unusual prom dress, white, gypsy, puffy, sequin, floral dress, glitter, or embellished one.

But what happens, when your favourite colour happens to be fluorescent green? Or your happen to like how chequered fabric highlights your jaw line? Can you already see where we are going with this?

We are what we think. And it just as well reflects in our clothing too. Read on for top 5 craziest and funniest prom dresses worn in the history of ‘bad decisions made in school’:

1. I Kissed a Frog and I Like-d it:

Fairytales have inspired many to dress up like their favourite fantastical characters. But this prom couple turned around the whole idea of ‘The Frog and the Princess’.

Image Source: Seenox.org


2. Talking About Florescent:

We all are entitled to our choices (responsible for them too). After all it is your day to shine through, right?

Image Source: Pixgood.com

So much for shining through though!

3. Oh You Think Props Are a Good Idea For Prom?

So it was just for posing. It was extremely cool, you thought. You never gave it a second thought.

Image Source: Teamjimmyjoe.com

Oh Dear! Are you thinking now?

Because Denims Feel Just So Much More Comfortable:

Sometimes people tend to put a lot of thought into their clothing, especially its fabric, colour, and other aspects. But is there something like putting too much of thought into it? This prom couple knows what we are talking about.

Image Source: Lostside.com

5. Gone With The Theme:

Prom themes prove to be the highlight of the day. Everyone wants to look their (idea of) best on this glorious day. They plan their prom dress/suit, grand entrance, and everything else with all their might.

Image Source: Stupidhumans.org

Now we are not judging but what if this is the idea of looking their best for someone is? No words!

For the lengths to which these young adults go through to make a statement, we feel sorry for them. But also thankful that there is no fashion police trying to track them down and fine them for these fashion felonies.

Want something that blends right away with your crazy prom dress ideas? Throw a prom party at some of the funkiest prom venues in Central London like the Medieval Banquet, Hawaii Venue, and Holborn Roof Top venue.

No animals were physically hurt while shooting these pictures, apart from any human eye that witnessed these spectacles, nightmares of the three poor birds involved, and a dog who hasn’t barked a word ever since he saw the birds as props.

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