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vow renewal ideas

Staying together for so many years deserves a celebration too! When half of all the matrimonies end in divorce, shouldn’t those who’re able to make it to the last be rewarded with a heartfelt party?And there are ample reasons for a do-over. You’ve reached a decadal milestone which deserves a well-earned recommitment and celebration. Your wedding was not as fairylike as you wanted so now is the chance to live it up. May be you eloped the first time and now you want to celebrate it with friends and family. And lastly your relationship has stood the test of time and this is the time to rediscover your love for each other. Whatever may be the reason, a vow renewal ceremony can really spark up romance in your life and here’s how.

It’s More Relaxed
Literally, sky is the limit! It doesn’t have to be recognized by church or civil authority so you can really take it up a notch. Ask your child to act as officiant, do it at an Island, skip the bachelor party, and write your own vows;no wedding rules will apply to you. So this time around,you can really make your dream wedding come true and make it as unique as you want. Besides, this time you can shop, plan, and schedule together without parental interference.

vow renewal ceremony

Skip Some Rituals, Repeat Others, and Add New
Colin Cowie recently planned his vow renewal ceremony and did the same. Some traditions had to be repeated like the first dance since that would be a romantic reminder of the original one. Re-enacting the same dance on the same melody can be really romantic. However, some rituals can be skipped like father-daughter dance. And some brand new traditions can be incorporated involving your children. Reliving the same magical moments will definitely help you rejuvenate your love and feelings for each other.

Creative Dress Code
If you’re lucky enough to fit into your original bridal gown and tux, nothing is better than that. Just go for it! However, if you don’t want to wear the same old white dress, you can always choose something offbeat. From a red hot evening gown to a fitted tea length prom dress, whatever fancies your eyes, don’t give it a second thought. Just don’t wear the veil– first time was enough.

How to renew your vows

New Vows for the Renewal
You’ve grown older and understand each other better than when you got married. This is the time to voice out your love and respect for each other through writing your own vows. Or you can mix it up. It would be nice to recall the same things you said for the first time as well as add your own new vows to it that will add a personal touch and sound very romantic indeed. And of course, along with the vows, it’s time to upgrade your rings. Or you can exchange a pedant, cufflinks, or bracelets to show your love for each other.

Where to Renew Vows
It’s not the celebration of your coming together, rather it’s the celebration of your living together for such a long time. You can literally celebrate it anywhere, in your backyard without the pomp and show or even in the church if you want to make your promise in front of God as you did earlier.

Vow renewal ceremony is a fresh start to your married life; why not host it in the freshest of surroundings outdoors like a garden or a park. It will definitely make the moment more whimsical. All you need is a garden, the arch, the aisle runner, and a few chairs. To add to the magic, give out coloured Chinese parasols to your guests to let them enjoy the moment in shade. And make sure to have a back-up plan like a marquee so if the weather turns fowl, the celebration still continues.

Church wedding in London

Church Ceremony
If you’re religious person, you can have a meaningful religious wedding ceremony at the regular church or gothic cathedral in London you’ve always admired. If you’re religious, it is likely that you want to make the promise in front of Holiness. And if you just got married in the registry office, it’s the best time to have a wedding that you’ve always dreamt of. After all, every bride deserves the privilege to walk down a church aisle.

A Special Place
If you want to make it a special affair, rather than just a re-enactment of your original wedding, choose an offbeat place. Go for a destination wedding! Elope together to your Honeymoon destination or escape to an Island. Or how about a place that has special meaning to you like your favourite romantic holiday destination. Hire the lounge where you had your first date or how about the restaurant where the proposal happened.

A vow renewal ceremony can be the most perfect way to celebrate the completion of another milestone in your matrimony. It’ll help you cherish those memories and rekindle the fire of romance between the two of you.

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