Vintage Wedding Ideas in London

Vintage never goes out of fashion and is still a favourite theme amongst Brit brides. Whimsical, romantic, nostalgic, rustic, and what not, vintage has all the elements needed to pull together a memorable wedding. Whether you want to add just a few retro touches or go over the top, we have plenty of ideas for you to choose from. And planning your wedding in London means you have all things vintage at hand. So, just put your thinking cap on and start looking for details that can make your vintage wedding even more magical.

The Gatsby Glamour

Add that Gatsby glamour to your wedding with a beautiful vintage dress and make heads turn as you walk down the aisle. And choosing a vintage wedding dress is not that difficult as long as you know what and where to look for. What make a dress vintage are the little details like lace teamed with pearl and paste brooch accents. But a long lacy gown is not the only choice you have. Go for a vintage inspired frock (yes, no lengthy skirt in the way while you dance the night away). Make fifties prom style your choice with a pastel tulle dress and it doesn’t have to be purely white. How about an ivory or beige dress? But vintage doesn’t always mean 50s, you can go as far as Victorian styles. An off-shoulder Victorian corset wedding dress with a full skirt is sure to win hearts. To vintage up your wedding look, check out fashion stockists such as Heavenly Vintage Brides.

Wedding Décor

It doesn’t just have to be the tea cups to make your wedding look vintage inspired. An elegant choice would be to use your old family photos in golden frames and portraits as decorative elements. Vintage furniture can truly transform the whole look of the venue. So head to the local antique store and find a few vintage statements to wow your guests. Old wooden chairs, vintage clocks, crystal chandeliers, lanterns, lamps, and old glass bottles with a single flower hung from the ceiling will add that vintage touch you’re after. Keep your guests name cards in an old suitcase arranged one above the other or how about using a mailbox with a label saying “P. S. I love you”.

Table Décor and Centrepieces

The term vintage gives you unlimited ideas to adorn the tables. To bring a whimsical effect, arrange mismatched vintage teacups and saucers one above the other and use them as centrepieces. Check your granny’s attic, you’ll find plenty of items to decorate your tables. Old birdcages, candelabras, flowers in the bell jars, and old photo frames, all can be used as centrepieces. You can also put flowers in bronze teapots and arrange them above old books. For tableware, use crystal glasses teamed with silver cutlery and vintage bon china with floral patterns. Cover the tables with white intricate linen with lace detailing. Your vintage tablescape is ready!

Reception Venue

Marquee, barn, fortress, country house, livery hall, courtyard, or a historic building, London has a few alluring choices as far as choosing a vintage wedding venue is concerned. All you need to do is picture your dream wedding and choose the one that fits in it. For a real vintage feel, a historic building like Tower of London with stone walls will do. For a rustic touch, a barn or a country house will work. If you want to take the vows outdoor, a conservatory with courtyard or a garden with marquee can be good options. Choices are endless!

Wedding Cakes

You need not go for an over the top multi-tiered gold cake to make it look vintage. Only a few details will work! Go for design details like pearls, roses, lace, love birds, bows, buttons, and bird cage patterns. These designs will bring in the vintage effect and make your wedding cake the centre of attraction.

The Photo Booth

The idea of adding a photo booth to a wedding décor has taken the industry by storm lately. No matter what’s the age, it provides a fun photo opportunity for all guests and a few everlasting memories. Include vintage props into your photo booth to make it even more fun and evoke your theme. Steampunk hats, moustache, vintage camera, mirror frames, and bows are a few props that’ll get the juice flowing. Give your guests a good laugh and they’ll remember this night forever.

Brooch Bouquet

Along with your vintage wedding memories, why not choose a bouquet that can last forever unlike the usual floral ones. Include your mother’s old brooches, pearls, and crystals and your brooch bouquet is ready. You can also incorporate a colour theme to go with your wedding colour palette. It’s versatile, vintage, and of course, tasteful.

If you’re one of those offbeat modern brides who prefer to have a vintage flair in their Big Day, these ideas are sure to help you.

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