Venues for Hire in London for Over 1000 Guests

London has a fair share of party venues that can accommodate a large number of guests. But when you know that your guest list is over 1000, the number of high capacity venues shrinks. Bigger isn’t always better but when it comes to host over 1000 guests, a bigger venue is the call of the hour. The layout and appearance of the venue can make or break your party. Here we give you an insight into the top high capacity venues that can seat up over 1000 guests in different seating layouts.

Trinity and Goodmans – Over 1000 in Reception Style

Set behind the doors of Grange Tower Bridge Hotel lays these two lush venues than can be hired in conjunction. In its lavish setting, these can easily accommodate around 1090 guests in reception style seating. Along with an elite feel, this event space offers a range of facilities to ensure your event is up to the mark. These include AV aids, lighting, air-conditioning, and an expert event handling staff to assist throughout. Accommodation facility is also provided which makes it an ideal choice for international conferences and long meetings.

Barbican Theatre - Over 1000 in Theatre Style

Right in the heart of the tropical wonderland called Barbican Centre is located a high-tech Theatre. This state of the art cinema set on level 1 is home to 1156 tiered seats which make it perfect for grand award ceremonies, product launches, screenings, and other corporate events. The venue is well-equipped with ultra-modern facilities like lighting, large screen, projector, and sound system that ensure an up-to-date event. To ensure convenience, transport options, and security is also provided.

Your choice of venue plays a crucial role in influencing the success of the event. Make sure to hire a space that is capacious enough to accommodate all your guests.

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