Valentine’s Party Decoration Ideas

14th February of every year is the day when couples find unique ways to show the love they have for each other. Whether you plan a romantic evening or formal get together this valentine’s day, you need to surround yourself with symbols of love. Birch love vase, glittered roses, flowers, vintage hearts, red petals, and dove’s wallpapers are some of the things that can set the tone at your valentine’s party venue. Make sure you go for the red and white party theme, which suits the occasion quite well. Here are some of the decoration ideas that you can consider for your perfect valentine’s party.

It is time to show your guests some love by sending them heart-themed invitations. If you are short on time, then the best option is to buy invitations that can be personalised according to your desires. For fancy options, you can design your own homemade invitations that can be fun and more appealing. You can use white or pink drawing paper to draw the tree heart or to cut out hearts.

Then, write the party details onto them using a black marker or printed stickers. To add extra flair to your cards, you can add a couple of creative personal messages that catch the attention of readers. Some creative wording for your party includes “I dare to wear a red hot dress” or Valentine is lover’s way of saying, "Let’s party!

Of course, you want your guests to be enchanted by the pink roses and red streamers throughout the room. Vintage hearts and birch love vases can also be used in the decor. To add a more personal touch, cut out paper hearts and write messages onto them like “Best Mate”, “Be Mine”, or “Stay For Ever”.

However, you don’t need to be overly ambitious to show your love. A little decoration can be enough to get the wow factor in the decor. Decorate red and white lights from the ceiling and opt for rope lights to cover the boundary of the dance floor. Lights will add visual interest to the decor.

Use pink or red fabric to suit the occasion. You need to create a dynamic setting for your tables by arranging heart confetti and message hearts. Sweet wording for the hearts can be "LOVE", "CUPID", "XOXO", or anything you like. Choose themed dinnerware on the table, and choose napkins imprinted with hearts over them. Besides, using small and heart-shaped chocolates on the tables will add a fabulous finish.

Food and Drink
If money is not a factor, then paying a decent amount for a set meal in a themed venue is a wise choice. It is true that hamburgers, pizzas, and pastas are perfect for all parties. But, you need to add aphrodisiac food as well that set the tone of the occasions. They include chocolates, wines, truffles, oysters, or licorice sweets.

On the other hand, you can also blend these aphrodisiacs in a fruit platter. For cocktails, you can pick themed alcoholic beverages such as pink rasmopolitans, pink squeezes, femme fatales, or red wines.

Make your valentine’s day party a little special by giving it a little decoration. Follow these decent decoration ideas to have your guests and loved one excited for the party.

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