Turning Sweet 16? Why Not Hold a Spa Birthday Party

It is no hush-hush that "Sweet 16" is considered a milestone birthday. Every girl wishes to celebrate this special occasion with a glitzy and grand party. If your daughter feels the same or loves pampering herself, then why not plan a spa birthday party for her. Spa parties are the perfect way to mark the entrance of the teenager turning a woman. So, get ready to bring the relaxing spa experiences to your little girl’s birthday with the following party ideas.


Invite all her closest friends for a casual party where everyone can enjoy the relaxing beauty treatments. Depending upon your budget, the invitations can be printed or sent through mails. Use of avocado masks, cucumber eye masks, and other facial massages images in the invitations will help you to set the tone for the party. But, make sure you don’t forget to add catchy lines such as “Get Ready to Pamper Yourself” or “Feel like Princess for the Day”.


Be creative as you’re hosting a ‘Spa Party’. Pick a party space that helps you to create an ambience of recreation and pampering. To do this, you can give your teen girls spa robes or slippers when they reach the venue. Baby pink, light purples, and sage greens are some of the colour themes that you can follow. To decorate your venue, you can use floating candles, dim lights, and scented flowers. Playing a soft music will help you to add extra flair to the party experience.


If you are on a tight budget, then hiring a professional beautician or spa therapist is not a good idea. Let the girls perform the beauty massages on themselves or each other. Opt for only simple massages, like manicures, pedicures, and other beauty masks. Just organize the cosmetics and let them pick their own treatments, as every girl has a different taste and style. But, if budget is not an issue, then you can hire a service of professional aestheticians. They will surely make the spa party experience as relaxing as possible. Besides, you can include many other activities like adorning flip-flops with glitters, creating friendship bracelets, and clicking before-and-after snaps of the girls.

Food and Drink

When it comes to organizing the food for the spa party, go for quick and healthy meals. Serving the favourite drinks with personalized name labels for the girls is one of the great ideas that you can include. To complement the drinks, you can serve fruit and vegetable trays, chips or lollies, crackers and dip. Non-alcoholic Sangria, Baby Bellini, and Orange-Lime Relaxer are some of the drinks that you can serve to your guests.

Party Favours

Lip balms with custom labels, bath beads, or lavender scented candles are some of the ideal favours that you can gift to your teen girls. You can also use ‘Friendship’ postage stamps to obtain appealing paper strips around bite-size lip-gloss or scrubbing brushes. If you are looking for something unique, then you can also gift a glass jar filled with jellybeans and candy bars.

These ideas will help you in planning a perfect a spa birthday party that becomes the hot topic of discussion among your gal-pals.

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