Top Tips from TheCityCollection for Corporate Event Planning in London

Here are some of the top tips from TheCityCollection for planning a successful corporate event in London. These tips will surely help you to provide your delegates with information based on events within the City of London.

Tip 1 –
Just before your event, send location guides to your delegates so they understand where they are going and get the most out of their meeting.

Tip 2 –
Hire unusual venues in London. Book your next seminar or conference in a church, a boat, a ship, or a marketplace. This will make your event more memorable and a huge hit among your employees.

Tip 3 –
Avoid peak season or busy days in the week to keep cost down. If you can be flexible, ask the venue for best availability and cut down on your costs.

Tip 4 –
Think of hiring a venue near free museums and galleries in London. Your delegates will love to see some great works of art without costing them any.

Tip 5 –
You can even find best guides in the City to give your employees a local’s insight into where to find best attractions in the capital. It gives you and your delegates a fantastic opportunity to learn some history of London.

Tip 6 –
Prior to your conference, check out if there is an event or festival scheduled in the city. Plan the meeting or conference around any of these free events, allowing your employees to enjoy free downtime activities.

Tip 7 –
Think creative! Offer something new or different for your refreshment breaks. Ask for macaroons stall or a curry stand or try out something local to where you are.

Tip 8 –
Organise a corporate event in London at the right time. Arranging a conference or meeting too early in the morning will not attract many delegates. They may be late due to traffic or will show less interest in the meeting.

An event close to lunchtime will get your employees distracted. They may divert towards food. Similarly, a late evening conference may divert them thinking to go home. A mid-morning or late afternoon meeting will be just fine to keep your delegates active and interested.

Follow these tips and plan a great corporate event in London. For further assistance regarding venue selection, catering, or event planning you can always contacts our team on 020 7070 4488. You can make online enquiry too by filling the form here.

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