Top Five 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Just few days are left before you enter the magical threshold of 18, and you still confused about the theme for your birthday celebrations. London is home to many birthday party venues, where you can easily plan a themed event. They have dedicated event planners to help you decide a striking theme to entertain your guests.

But, if you still want to work on your own, then use these amazing ideas. An 18th birthday is a milestone event in your life, and it’s important to celebrate it in style. Follow these rocking ideas and have a bash to remember for rest of your life:

Survivor Party
If you are a huge fan of ‘Survivor’ series, then you should definitely incorporate this theme. Recreate the obstacles-filled ambience of the show with a series of challenges put into place at your celebration venue in London. Have goodies for the winner of each challenge. Whoever manages the highest number of goodies should be awarded with the grand prize.

Survivor party not only makes for a great 18th birthday idea but it is an amazing after party activity as well.

Highlighter Party
This amazing idea involves some very crazy planning. Ask all your guests to come up at the party donning white plain shirt and jeans. Book a venue in London for your 18th birthday party that have theatrical effects and themed decorations both. As soon as guests enter the venue, ask them to scribble weird messages on their shirts with highlighters. Usually yellow, orange, green and pink work best as highlighters. Then, turn off the lights and have small black lights set up all around the main room. Then, play the songs and let the celebrations shine!

Mexican Fiesta
Hosting a fiesta is one of the most memorable 18th birthday themes. Decorate the venue with cactus cut-outs, vibrantly coloured tablecloths and other such bright decorations to give the Mexican feel. Tissue paper flowers as table centrepieces will add up to the theme.

To amplify the Mexican pitch even more, keep maracas and sombreros so that your guests remain involved in the dancing spree. For food, go for nachos, tacos and other such authentic Mexican food.

Casino Party
18 is the age when you are officially allowed to gamble without any fear. Then, what about having a casino party for your 18th birthday? Hire a casino table with all the required items like poker chips, playing cards and gaming machine. Use red and black as the venue colour. Ask one of your friends to be at the reception of gaming table to give an authentic casino touch. Encourage your guests to take part in casino games and roll out the fun!

Chocolate Party
If you are a girl turning eighteen soon, then this is the theme for you. From decor to menu to music, have everything at your party space infused with the irresistible charm of chocolate. Plan a delectable chocolate menu that includes chocolate drinks, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cakes and other chocolate-related delicacies. Whereas for music part, have songs like ‘Chocolate on My Tongue’ by Woods Brothers and ‘The Sweetness’ by Jimmy Eat World to help guests in getting into ‘chocolate’ mood.

Make your transition from teenage to youth even more memorable with these exciting 18th birthday themes. Choose the best one according to your likings and mark the moment with unprecedented fervour and celebrations.

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