Top 8 Disney Inspired Birthday Ideas for your Kids in London

Is your little one’s birthday just round the corner? Are you searching for a theme that is mesmerising and kid-friendly at the same time? Then, how about organising a Disney inspired birthday for your little kid at London birthday party venues? Planning a Disney inspired birthday will ensure that your little one’s special day becomes even more special and memorable. Here are the top 8 Disney inspired themes, which you can use for your kids’ birthday in London:

1. Minnie Mouse
Infuse the charm of Minnie mouse into the birthday of your little angel in London. Minnie mouse is famous for her bows and of course, polka dots! Put the touch of colourful polka dots balloons, huge bows, and Minnie party hats at your kid’s birthday party venue in London. In addition to this, have cupcake bows made from roll-ups of food to present your guests with an edible delight!

2. Finding Nemo
This theme is suited both for your little boy or girl’s birthday. Give the undersea fascination to the birthday party of your kid in London. Have everything aqua, be it wall colour, invitations, and even decorations. Put caricatures of Jellyfishes on the walls (with striking colours). Hanging fishing wires off the ceiling will create an unparalleled aqua ambience. As far as cake goes, what about having Jellyfish cakes to devour?

3. Snow White
Snow White is one of the most favourite princesses of little ladies. So, try out the magical story of this beautiful princess as the theme for your little girl’s birthday. However, this theme needs detailed arrangements and preparations. Adorning your London party venue with the trees of poisoned apple, decking bluebirds in the venue, mini mirrors all need concentrated party planning. Along with this, have candy apples as the dessert option in addition to an apple cake!

4. Cars
Your little boy will adore this birthday theme like nothing else. Recreate the magic of this Disney movie in your kid’s birthday party in London. You will have multiple options as far as decor goes. Either you can opt for the famous race course of the movie as the decor for the venue or have the colours of Lightning McQueen at the venue and put small Disney cars every where at the venue. If you want to amplify the “cars” pitch even more, then try having a small raceway at your birthday party venue in the city.

5. Alice in Wonderland
It is one of the most popular themes for kids’ birthday parties, especially for girls. Have invitation cards in the shape of Queen of Hearts playing card. Whereas for the decor, go for crazy, whimsical ideas (as Alice in Wonderland story itself is!). Hang huge cards off the ceiling and place giant flowers all around the party venue. To pepper up the theme even more, place huge signboards at different locations, giving your guests the directions for the main party venue. Long dining room tables, huge deck of cards, stuffed animals, and plastic jewellery will spice up the theme even more.

6. Disney Princess Party
In this theme, you will not have to zero down to a particular princess as the theme for your little girl’s birthday. Rather infusing the combinations of different princess stories is the core of this theme. For example, dress your little angel with the gown of Snow White rounded off by Cinderella’s glass slippers and Rapunzel’s long flowing hair. For decor, mix the apples of Snow White story with the cookie clams of “the Little Mermaid.”

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7. Neverland (Peter Pan or Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
You have two options if you are having Neverland as the theme for your little one’s birthday. Either go for Peter Pan styled decor or recreate the vibrant ambience of “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”. Place vintage treasure maps into the walls and have replicas of Jake’s ship, Bucky. If your birthday party venue in London has open garden space, then put huge amounts of sand there to create the replica of Neverland beach. You can add small boats, pirate hats to up the glamour quotient of the venue.

8. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
This theme allows you to experiment with the decor even more as there are plenty of characters involved in this, most notable being Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck and Goofy. Incorporate the ambience of Clubhouse with vibrant shades, goodies spread all around, colourful balloons adorning the venue and above all, the life-d dolls of all Clubhouse characters. When it comes to food, you can put in your creativity and choose those desserts that suit your guests best.

These Disney inspired birthday party ideas will surely win the hearts of your little ones. Choose the best theme for your kid’s birthday and make his/her birthday ‘an affair to cherish.’

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