Top 5 Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Anti Valentine
Valentine’s Day is one of the most dreaded days for everyone who is not in love, or recently out of love. But you can still make it the most splendid day of the year by planning carousal with your friends who share this feeling with you. Once you have finalised the plans, it is time to look around for a space suitable for your theme among the
party venues in London and start working on these ideas:

Cool Anti Valentine’s Day Slogans
You can think of suitable Valentine’s Day slogans and get them printed on your T-shirts. Some remarkable slogan ideas will be writing the “Cupid is Stupid”, “Bad Guys”, “Love is Lost”, “Love Stinks”, “the Business Day”, or” back off love”. Bring your black humour to work, and think out more such quotes. And you can ask your guests to come wearing these quotes on their hearts.

No Love Songs

A true anti-Valentine’s Day party will have each decoration yelling at you “no love”. And picking up right songs are also an important part of this. You can do it the best with songs like “Since You Be Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, the “Goodbye To You” by Michelle Branch or the “Love Stinks”.

Serve The Black Recipes
Anti Valentine
Serve a dark meal to the guests, like bitter chocolate, Fondues, treats with a heavy garlic &onion, stinky cheese, sour food, chicken hearts and heart broken cakes with icing. You can also bring in a flood of sour and bitter drinks like Vodka and Campari.

Valentine’s Day Decorations
Anti Valentine

An anti- Valentine’s Day decoration can be very effective if you have right plans to match the theme. You can deck the venue with images of Cupids, with their heads cut off, rent hearts dripping blood. You can also think of good anti love movies, and theme the party with this game. Besides, you can also keep black colour as the dress code. This will make the celebration scary and dark by many degrees.
Use these anti Valentines Day ideas to plan a party in London city. This will make your event a truly loved affair for all your single guests. Start planning now, to get best details arranged for the day.

Go with the Gothic Style
Anti Valentine
Instead of going all Red, symbol of love and romance, you better try Gothic theme for the day. Plan something extraordinary than usual. Go for the Gothic attire, Gothic jewellery, Gothic venue, and you can add a touch of Gothic theme to your cuisine as well. Rather than pampering someone else, this time you pamper yourself, and give time to yourself.

To all the people who are single, just go and celebrate your valentine’s day with equal enthusiasm as someone in sheer love. You love your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. So you do have all the reasons to make this day more special. Host a party for all these people you love and care for, who can’t stop loving themselves, just like you do. Hire any of these Valentine’s Day venues in London and have a time of your life.

Top Valentines Day Party Venues in London

No. 4 Hamilton Place

Hyde Park Corner

The Skybar


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