Tips to Throw Star Trek Themed Birthday Party for Your Little Trekkie

Is your little kid a Trekkie? Well, who isn’t? If your kid’s birthday is just around the corner, throw a Star Trek birthday party for him this time. Planning a Star Trek bash is not as difficult as wrestling with a Klingon. London has a fair share of high-tech and modern birthday venues that can make your party planning easier. The legendary movie and character give great inspiration for a fun party. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. Here are some brilliant party ideas.

Star Trek Ship
If you create the right ambience, the party is sure to be a big hit amongst little guests. All you need to do is turn your venue into a galaxy. Black, grey, blue, and silver colours need to be there in your colour palette. Cover the tables with black clothes and sprinkle star-shaped confetti on the tables. Use foam balls in different shapes, colour them to make them look like planets, and suspend them from the ceiling. Use LED lights to create a star ship-like ambience.

Cosmic Costumes
It’s best if you ask your party guests to come in Star Trek costumes. And it’s good to dress the guest of honour as the main character from the movie series like Captain Kirk. Slim-fitting black pants paired with black shoes, and a solid coloured shirt will work well for the birthday boy. Complete the look with Spock ears. Girls can wear solid red or blue knit dress coupled with long boots or black tights. Top the costumes with communicator pins or you can pick a real communicator for Amazon.

Future Food
Serve delightful drinks with star shaped ice-cubes. Prepare cupcakes and frost them with grey icing and black licorice. Star Trek insignia is a rounded triangle; you can use this shape for cookies. Also, cut cookies in star and moon shapes and sprinkle sugar crystals to give them a spacey feel. Or serve grey- blue coloured ice-cream and name it “Ramulan” Ice-cream. You can serve things that you normally wood but give them a spacey name, like “Spaced Out Salad”. And don’t forget the cake. To spice up the affair, ask your caterer to design an Angry Birds Star Trek cake like the one shown in the picture. Kids will fall in love with this wonderful cake.

Astronautic Activities
Activities add that fun factor that you cannot afford to miss in a kid’s birthday party. To keep them engaged and entertained, it’s good to add some sort of themed activities.

Activity 1: The SS Enterprise has to stay in space and not on the land. Blow up large grey, black, and blue balloons and make two teams of kids. Give out a balloon to each team, and ask them to keep the balloon up in the air and don’t let it drop. Don’t forget to award the little winners.

Activity 2: Paste photos of the villains from the movie series like Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine on a board and ask the kids to hit their mark.

Don’t Forget the Music
Music can become that X factor giving your event the right ambience. Make sure to create a cool playlist of spacey songs that come to your mind. Think of “Space Cowboy”, “Rocket Man”, “Major Tom”, “Space Oddity”, “Walking on the Sun”, and “Bad Moon Rising”. These are just a few to get started.

A kid’s party without a theme is like a song without rhythm. But when you have such an entertaining theme, your kid’s birthday party is sure to be the talk of the town.

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