Tips to Hunt the Best Wedding Caterer in London

Tips to Hunt the Best WEdding Caterer in London

The caterers really add spice and taste to your wedding. Enticing your guests and ruling their hearts with heavenly range of gastronomic delights, they will charm everyone with grace. Well, that’s true! The wedding caterers can do far more good than bad in your celebrations. From preparing the menu, looking at various other arrangements to serving the best in London, caterers can truly make your wedding more enjoyable and memorable for all.

We reckon that finding a caterer is easy, but deciding for a perfect one suiting your style and preparations can be a difficult task. Thoughtful of good food, we at lists down some itsy-bitsy tips to help you single out a caterer for your big day.

Hop on to find the best!

Selecting the Caterers

Select Best Wedding Caterer in London

  • Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations while listing down best caterers of the town.
  • Don’t miss out on your favourite restaurants. Confirm for their catering services. If not, they will surely provide recommendations for renowned establishments that cater.
  • Ask venues for preferred caterers list.
  • Grapevine is hidden depth of event planning. Ask your vendors for their references and contacts.
  • Opt for social media. There are many dedicated websites providing information on caterers available around your area.
During the Meeting…

Best London Wedding Caterer Ideas

After you have a hand full of numerous caterers in London, shortlist the most suitable and plan a meeting with them. Before you leave for the meet-up, make sure you have everything in place.

  • Try scheduling tastings during the meeting. This will save your time whilst providing the idea of catering.
  • It is always advised to get the rough draft prepared by the caterer itself to help you in budgeting.
  • Besides, the rough outline inclusive of menu options, cost per person, services, alcohol prices and more assists in planning the catering budget for the occasion.
  • Don’t forget to exchange business cards.
  • If considering recommendations, dedicate some time on searching their erstwhile clients’ reviews. Check number of guests served, best menu items, and if any extra charges were included on the final bill.

These Questions are Imperative…

London Wedding Caterers Blog

  • Do you have the license?
  • Do you have commitments for any other event or occasion on the same day of our celebration?
  • What will the staff wear during the wedding?
  • Are you licensed to serve drinks?
  • Can we expect your assistance or recommendations from you on other preparation facets like decorators, lighting, and transportation?
  • We would like to tour the kitchen and facility.
  • Will there be an on-site coordinator or manager to supervise meal services and other aspects during the wedding?
  • Are you familiar with our chosen wedding venue?
  • What will be the ratio of staff to guests?
  • From where do you source the ingredients?
Now that you have an idea of what all you need to ask shortlisted caterers, go ahead!!

Add a dash of refreshment in your wedding celebrations with dedicated catering services. Cherish the moments with delightful food and finest collection of drinks. So roll up your sleeves to call in a caterer who provides the best feast for your dream wedding. We hope these tips contribute in deciding the unsurpassed. Happy Hunting!

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