Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Dinner Party

Green dinner parties are all the rage. An eco-friendly bash does not mean that your guests will have to suffer through boring food, decorations, and an uninspiring evening. In fact, planning a Green party is quite easy. With some simple steps and ideas, you can easily pull together a dinner party that is easy on the eyes and kind to the planet earth. Here are some ideas to kick-start your party planning process.

Skip the Theme
Go Green is in itself a theme; therefore, it’s better to skip the theme. Those extravagant tableware, streamers, and themed decorations often end up in trash. So keep things simple.

Outdoor Venue
An outdoor dinner venue in London will gel well with your theme but make sure that the venue should not be located in an isolated place out of the city. If your guests will have to travel a long way, the eco-friendly idea will fall flat. If you can find a centrally located outdoor space like a garden marquee or a rooftop terrace, nothing is better than that. Outdoor venue means you do not need to purchase decorations, as Mother Nature is in itself so adorable. Trees, flowers, wooden benches will offer a unique backdrop to your event.

Whether indoor or outdoor, proper lighting is needed to keep up the party mood and illuminate the space. But, make sure that your lighting is not harsh on the Mother Nature. What can be better than using candles to light up the space? Use scented soy candles and create an intimate setting for a candlelight dinner. If your venue does not allow candles, do not worry. How about using Moroccan style lanterns, paper lanterns, olive oil lamps, or even solar lighting? Choices are endless.

Reuse and Recycle
Look for things that can be reused like use china glassware than disposables as these can be used again and again. Besides, purchase beverages in aluminium cans and glass bottles so that they can be recycled. Aluminium and glass can be recycled and reused over and over again without any degradation in the quality of the material.

Instead of using plastic and paper dinnerware, use stainless steel utensils and glassware. This can be used repeatedly. In addition, whatever decorations and dinnerware you need, it is good to rent them instead of purchasing them. This is not only green and simple but also affordable.

Make your next dinner party kind to the earth with these eco-friendly party ideas and tips.

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