Themed Parties and Events at Grocers Hall

It’s truly a delight to host an event in the historic setting of Grocer’s Hall dating back to 1426. And when the venue has partnered with EMG events, you’re sure to have a fantastic event experience. Whether you need to strengthen client relationships, bring your workforce together, or just host a memorable event, Grocers Hall has a theme planned for you. From Murder Mystery to Diamonds Quest, there’s something for everyone. Here are the top five themed parties that will get the ball rolling.

Murder Mystery
What better to complement an evening meal than a spectacle of a murder and subsequent investigation falling in between courses? The grand setting of the hall intensifies the mystery and intrigue. It’s really up to your guests whether they can unfold the mystery with the clues provided. Insider tip: asking the right question to the right person will help! To complicate the whole thing, the actors will remain in character. The event includes clue packs, actors, lead host, 3 course dinner, sparkling wine, venue hire, digital camera for each team, and a lot more.

Diamond Quest
Get a fascinating insight into the world of diamonds with this creative themed party at Grocers. The Crown Jeweller will unfold how diamonds are tested for fakes and quite unusual stories about hand-crafted jewellery. Your guests will get to use the tools and real diamond testing machines during the evening. The highlight of the event is the grand competitive finale the winner of which will be awarded with a ¾-carat diamond to take home. What a party favour, isn’t it?

Stocks and Shares
Quite an interactive and mind-blogging theme, the guests will be provided with an amount of money to invest keeping an eye on the stock market that keeps rising and falling. The latest share prices and mews will be shared through a big screen on the basis of which the guests have to make their business strategy. Insider tip: don’t put all the eggs in one basket. And keeping in view that an empty stomach leads to an empty mind, the venue offers champagne on arrival, a full Canapé menu, and unlimited beer to get your mind racing.

The Grocer’s Quest
The Grocers Hall has proudly been a part of London’s rich history since 14th century and the venue in itself has hidden quite a few secrets behind its walls. Based on the rich history of the hall, the teams will be sent on a quest through the streets of London where they’ll come across many people who may help or hinder. Guests will have to use their logic, solving skills, and most importantly, teamwork to unveil the secret buried for over 600 years. Tea, coffee, fork buffet, beer, and wine will ensure you have a fulfilling experience.

Leonardo’s Quest
Not only for his art, was Leonardo Da Vinci was also popular for his cryptography (techniques for secure communication in the presence of third parties). A shocking mystery awaits your arrival at Grocers Hall that will take you from the hall into the city to reveal the truth. Gear up to meet some interesting characters that will provide clues or set challenges to uncover the truth. At the end the teams will come together to use the information they have gathered to unveil the mystery. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Choose any of these themed party entertainments to make your next event an engaging, interesting, and productive one in London.

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