The Curious Case of Boosting Employee Morale via Budgeted Office Party

What are some of the ways in which you can boost employee morale?

Once upon a time, in the La-La-London land, an office decided to fancy the conundrum, which is faced by one and all at large. And so it happened! A full-fledged meeting was organised, involving only the senior most management. The agenda was to discuss several strategies to boost employee morale, and the outcome was pretty fascinating!

You see, it is often easy to get carried away by either the negative or positive means of motivation. You may choose to offer either pleasure or pain – and no, we are not being kinky here, in order to get the employees to walk that extra mile. However, sometimes we tend to complicate simple matters.

The Morbid Meeting!

Benjamin, a rather cool, calm and composed manager decided to keep the entire slippery slope of morale boosting rather simple. Instead of playing mind games with the team, he suggested others to simply throw an office party that is due.

Now, one may think that organising a corporate party wouldn’t really help in boosting the morale. However, what we fail to notice is that a party communicates that the company care. It is a reward that one can freely enjoy. Besides, such shindigs promote feelings of belongingness, togetherness, joy and celebration. And for once, everyone else seemed to agree – a rare moment in business meetings, no?

Clearly the spirits that were soaring way up high, sort of came flat on the face with Boss’s last comment. Oh c’mon, we all know what the bosses mean when they say “concentrate on reducing costs,” don’t we?

So the challenge now was to organise an office party, in a tight budget. And, obviously, everyone started hyperventilating and trying to control the situation somehow. Of course, the cool dude Benjamin kept his calm, only to perhaps jump in towards the end and be the saviour.

The Failed Negotiations!
Here are some of the previous failed attempts at discussing several entertainment ideas for an office party.

Whoa! Jack Daniels? Hey Boss, that was mean!

Honeybee? Seriously? Isn’t that sort of condescending? We mean, c’mon! She just wanted to have some fun at the office party! That’s all!

Budget Office Party

Ouch! That must have hurt! Whatever happened to personal space, boss?

Time for Some Office Gossip!

Finally, it was time for some office gossip! Oh, how interesting office spaces get with some amount of bitching. And of course, even that is a form of team building – no matter how risky it might be.

Office Party Ideas

Of course, just like we predicted, the cool guy Benjamin had saved his best for the last!

He kept his calm, and decided to tackle the root source of the issue. Quite obvious that was, no?

The Saviour!

Corporate Party Ideas

Well, that was quick! And easy! Smooth in fact! Of course, our cool guy Benjamin would not reveal his trump card just yet. He got the corporate party organised under the given budget, and that’s all that matters, right?

He was eager to share the news with his team mates. And just to cheer them up, he decided to break into a jive, as he spilled the beans.

Keep Calm and Party On!!!

Office Party Ideas London

More than being happy about the party, everyone wanted to know the secret behind it. Perhaps being in touch with really does make you some sort of a magician; especially when it comes to organising spectacular office parties under a budget, refreshing conferences with a wow factor, or other scintillating corporate events.

Here’s how they all celebrated and bonded over a budget office party. Do not miss the groovy in-sync dance step guys!

Let’s Shake It Together!!!

Office Party Ideas in London

As the wise man once said, a company that parties together, grows together! Okay, well, we might be that wise man! So yeah, we just quoted ourselves! Isn’t that sort of cool?

Now that we have this one curious case of a particular office party, when are you stepping into your dancing shoes? Have a cool corporate entertainment idea, but are unable to find the right venue for an office party? Allow us to help you out! After all, Benjamin didn’t contact us for nothing, right? Regardless of the sanctioned budget, simply drop us an enquiry, and we’ll make sure you end up having more fun than Benjamin and the gang!

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