Tea Party Ideas in London

Tea parties are quite common in London from the Georgian times. What would a tea party be without those scones with clotted cream, cupcakes, sandwiches, and of course, tea? You need not toss out the traditional favourites but you can definitely give a twist to the traditional tea parties. All you need are a few details and a theme as the centre to use all them. Whether you want a whimsical setting like a fantasyland or take your guests back in time, any setting can be brought to life at your party. Here are the themes to give an unusual twist to a usual party space in London.

Vintage Tea Party
Nothing can match the elegance of a traditional Vintage tea party, if done with excellence. Perhaps Duchess of Bedford’s afternoon tearoom would have looked something like this. You have to create the same look! Ivory, gold, coral, rustic aqua and dusty rose are the colours of the day. Arrange a breath-taking table scape with an intricate lacy tablecloth in ivory and gold tones and serve tea in vintage china complete with flowery patterns and gold carving. To complete the look, hire a gold or silver cupcake stand and matching cutlery. Ice the cake with a flower centrepiece in a long vase and candelabras to give the Victorian vibe. To take it to a whole new level, look for a wood panelled livery hall for hire and decorate the setting with vintage paintings in gold frames. And make sure everyone dresses in Victorian attires complete with lace detailing, finger wave hairstyle, and Victorian steam punk hats.

French Tea Party
Who says ladies can’t have pretty tea parties? If you don’t want to “think pink”, this pretty theme is a nice alternative. Visual presentation is the key. Get your guests saying Oh la la! With sophisticated Parisian, colour palette of pink, white, and black. Set up a French bistro style setting with metal Effie Tower centrepieces, pretty ribbons, and pink and red flower arrangements in bon china. Along with sandwiches, cupcakes, and scones, add almond meringue, chocolate éclairs, and Jasmine tea with pink rose sugar cubes, and multi-coloured macaroons in your menu. Serve them in glass cloche shaped as bells and silver tea trays and cups. Tea tradition in France goes back to 1600s when tea parties were usually dress-up events. Make sure you complete your Parisian look with hat and gloves.

Mad Hatter Tea Party
Throw your very own Mad Hatter tea party this time! Take your party outside in the garden and ask everyone to not be late for a very important date. Turn your party space into the magical wonderland. Set up large tables and decorate them with clock, playing cards, giant flowers, butterfly centrepieces, bottles with “drink me” labelled on them, vintage keys, and bon china. Place mismatched teapots, cups, and saucers to make things look extraordinary. Make sure to dress right for the party. Mad Hatter, rabbits, the Queen of Hearts, Alice, Humpty Dumpty, and Cards, costume ideas are endless. You just have to be creative. Scones, cupcakes, chocolate clocks, edible candles, and eat me biscuits will be enough to satiate the sweet tooth of the guests. For more ideas on Alice in Wonderland themed party, click here.

Any of these themes will turn a usual occasion into a festive gathering. Next time you host a party in London, make sure to choose one of these themes.

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