Sweet 16 Tips for a Perfect Prom Look

When your favourite season is coming near, the butterflies start taking a round trip around your body, not only your stomach. After your school is done with the prom theme, prom venue selection, decorations, menu, and the usual set up of a perfect night, your turn comes.
tips for prom looks
You turn, to take the responsibility to steal the show and make it the night of your life. So get ready for the evening full of events and re-learn those killer moves because you are definitely going to need them. And to get into that Avatar, you might need some of these tips.

1. Go Backless
backless prom dresses
If you want to show off those curves, irrespective of others’ judgmental stare, way to go girl. Catch up with the trending dresses this season here.

2. Subtle Colours
light colour prom dress
Bright always brings out the personality more. But try subtle colours this prom season, they not only soothe the eyes, but go well with every skin tone.

3. Lace It Up
prom dress with lace
Sequencing is the story of yesterday. Lace is certainly ruling the fashion world in 2017. Go ahead with the laces and dazzle up your prom venue.

4. Sexy Slits
prom dress slit
Who doesn’t like showing off the sassiness? Gotta make some legroom :P

5. Obviously Heels!
prom heels types
Coming to the footwear, you have plenty of options to choose from wedges to platform and stilettos to lots more.

6. Studded Heel Trend
prom heels trend
Ralph and Russo are taking the heel market with a storm, with studded heels that go well with anything. Any-damn-thing! Give it a try if budget is not a constraint.

7. Nude is the New Sexy
nude colour, beige colour
..and No, we are not talking about the other things, but the colour, Nude! It goes perfectly with every skin tone as it blends well with the same and still highlights the personality of the one carrying it.

8. Comfort is the Priority
prom night hacks
In the race of looking good, don’t compromise with your comfort level. Don’t go for a backless or deep neck dress if you can’t carry it with confidence. Moreover, if you are confident with your body, don’t give a second thought to the judgmental world. Just get in that dress and knock down the stereotypes baby.

9. Necklace or Earrings?
prom accessory
Don’t highlight your upper half with an abundance of accessory. Go with Either the earrings OR something that graces your neck. If you can’t decide between either, then make sure that a thin chain and small studs should do the job

10. For hands: One thing at a time
hand accessory for prom
It’s better not to cover the whole hand with the single jewellery item, like a number of bangles or bracelets. Keep it simple by carrying a single item instead of many. Avoid the chaos!

11. Ditch the Sequenced Clutch
prom clutch
Avoid the abundance of glitters as well!

12. Head Held High
prom hairstyles

Coming to the top of your head, you have many options here as well. Keep a bun, clutch them in half, tie them in a pony, a loose braid on one side, or simply let them flow if it does the job for a gorgeous look Just like that.

13. Make-It-Up?
prom makeup tutorial
Don’t forget about the colour contrast. If your dress is light, makeup should be bright. On the other hand, if dress itself is very bright then a nude look will complement your whole appearance.

14. Defined Eyes
prom eye makeup
Whether keeping your makeup light or dark, proper highlighted eyes are must-have during a prom. Not talking about the eye-shadow here, but simple liner.

15. Either Eyes or Lips
prom makeup guide
Again, go for either of them because trust us, you don’t want to give competition to the clown in the town.

16. Safety Kit
prom night hacks safety kit for prom
Other than everything mentioned above, it’s always good to keep a safety kit handy with you to avoid any glitch during the event. Because, come on, this is ’The Night’ you have been waiting for, so no chance to ruin it.

Now plan everything as you expected and get ready to steal the show.

Happy Prom Night!

Places where you can host an amazing Prom Night!

Club Ten

St Paul’s

The Law Society

113 Chancery Lane

West End on the Thames

Tower Millenium Pier

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