Sweet 16 Theme Ideas for Your Birthday Party in London

Sweet 16 Birthday Theme Ideas

Turning 16 is special for every girl, as she is not considered a kid anymore. To celebrate this lovely occasion, plan a delightful party for your teenage girl in London. The capital city features some of the excellent party venues, which you can choose to host a momentous party for your daughter. From livery halls to luxury hotels and outdoor venues, you have plenty of choices when it comes to London’s 16th birthday party venues.

But, if you are searching for a specific theme to unify the whole celebration, then these ideas will help you choose the best one. Most sweet 16 birthdays are incomplete without a specific party theme. If you really want to surprise your young daughter, pick any of these themes to make her happy:

All Dance Party

If you are planning to invite both male and female friends of your daughter, then this theme will work just fine. Hire a nightclub or a hotel venue and get the disco ball out. Prepare a perfect dance floor and ask everyone to groove the night away to his or her favourite dance tunes.

Make Her Feel Like a Princess

Most girls love being treated as a princess in their teenage years. So, to make your daughter feel like a princess, celebrate her birthday with lot of pink colour and accessories. Choose a special princess theme for your party, and decorate the venue using all pink, red, and white colours.

Hawaiian Party

This is an ideal birthday theme for your celebrations in summer season. Let your daughter and her friends wear their swimsuits and arrange a sunny celebration at venues London. Arrange some stylish guest lounges around the pool to add more fun to your party. Make the event cool by planning few unusual pool party games and activities for her teenage friends.

Use these amazing ideas and plan to host a truly memorable sweet 16 party for your teenage girl. Hire a suitable birthday party venue in advance and get few deals to fit your budget.

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