Step-by-Step Plans for a Spooky Halloween in London

If you are as excited for your Halloween party as we are, then you will just love these Halloween night ideas. Check out this step-by-step planning guide for organising one of the spookiest Halloween parties in London. All you need to do is, just decide when and where you wish to have a great party in the capital.

Here is how you can get started:

Decide on Your Theme
A party theme usually ties everything together. To add glam to your party, tray a Haunted House party theme. Inspired by muted colours, antiques, and all things crazy, this theme will surely amuse your guests. You can even think of throwing a Bewitching Halloween Bash. If it is just a girls’ night out, then go for a Glam Halloween Party.

Party Invites
No doubt, a perfect Halloween party begins with a perfect invitation. No, you don’t need to go to a store and buy expensive invitations. Things are much easier now online. Online sources, such as offer a nice collection of spooky invites that you can purchase at low prices. Pick a nice invite from here and send them out to your guests. Be sure to give plenty of notice to your guests, ideally two weeks.

Venue Selection
Selecting the right venue often helps you decorate as per your theme. In London, we have a range of party venues, which you can book by Clicking Here. You can choose from top party halls to celebration rooms to suit the budget of your Halloween celebrations. Right venue helps you plan everything perfectly. So, make the right decision and hire a space that adds more style to your event.

The Décor
Spook up your venue with some fun decoration ideas. A funky Halloween party demands great decorations. So, start by decorating the outside of your venue. Set up plenty of spooky, scary scenes, such as haunted pumpkins, graveyards, and so on. You can even think of using these funky decoration ideas to decorate the party space:

  • Line the walkway or entrance area with a lot of pumpkin luminaries.
  • Hang pumpkin lanterns on the porch to give that creepy effect.
  • Lawn skeletons with lights will look plain awesome too.

As your guests enter, have a huge container of animal noses available for them to wear. You can even give them a skull or pumpkin face. To greet your guests, have life- cutouts of a witch or mummy. Decorate the entire room with bats, spiders with webs, and fishing nets to give the creepy look. For bathroom, turn on the lights; fill it with glow-in-the-dark insects, and skulls.

What to Wear
Take some time and plan the dress, which you will wear at the party. Ask your guests to wear coolest, spookiest costumes to the party. Let everyone know before hand that you will have some amazing prizes to hand out for best costumes.

No Halloween party in London is complete without a costume contest. Line up everyone one by one, and let them participate in the Halloween costume contest. Give a fabulous trophy at the end to the winner. In addition to hosting a costume contest, you can even plan to organise these activities and games:

  • Witch hunt
  • Pumpkin bowling
  • Mystery jar guessing game
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Black cat treasure hunt
  • Wrap race
  • Grab the ghost
  • Skeleton scavenger hunt

All these party planning ideas give you a chance to try out something new for your Halloween. If you are short of some planning ideas, use these now.

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