Starry Starry Night Wedding Theme

Capture the very essence of a heavenly wedding celebration with a starry night wedding theme idea. If you love the stars and the moon, this glittery celestial theme is perfect for you. Is all you can think of is twinkling starry lights hanging from one end to the other end of the ceiling. Do not worry; we have assembled the best ideas on the web to make your wedding turn out to be whimsical cosmic affair.

Ask your invitation supplier to use midnight blue or black paper and scatter glitter or paint silver stars design at the edges to make it look like a night sky. Use metallic paper and a fancy cursive font style to have your wording printed. It will make it look like an invitation from the other world. Your guests will definitely be able to guess the theme with such inspiring invites. But make sure to send in advance.

Colour Palette
Other than blue and silver, this theme gives you some magical colour palettes to work with. These colours incorporated into wedding details will make your wedding reception look even more beautiful and artistically planned.

Van Gogh Starry Night
Mere mention of starry night brings to mind the famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh. The twirling night hues of blue and violet coupled with twinkling yellow and gold stars were seen in the painting. It gives you a magical palette indeed! Look at the amazing styling below. Add yellow floral details, blue linen, and a painting inspired cake; your wedding guests will keep wowing witnessing your creativity. In fact, when art is blended with reality, the output is always stupendous.

To make your reception site look even whimsical, don’t mind compromising a few starry details. Instead, add a bit of fluorescent green and see how the whole scene changes dramatically.

White Starry Night
If you prefer a fairy tale sort of starry night wedding, you can choose an all-white colour scheme too. Sparkly yet elegant, this wedding theme is sure to leave everyone awe-struck. A few details like votive candles in crystal bowls, white roses and orchids, and a silver white starry cake will bring the tablescape to life. Add some final touches like crystal chandelier and twinkling white lights in the whole room to take it up a notch. As for your wedding dress, a feather embellished neckline, soft tulle layers and see through details will make you look divine.

A Touch of Gold
If you prefer a vintage look to an ethereal one, add a touch of gold to your wedding palette. It will transform the whole look altogether still keeping with the starry theme. An ivory wedding dress with embroidered see through neckline will surely make you look like a fairy. Hire a marquee for your wedding and decorate it with twinkling vintage gold lights, lamps, and lanterns.

Brides! You are fortunate enough to have venues in London that already have murals of a starry night theme. Here are the best authentic ones that we found in London.

HMS President
If you prefer an outdoor venue, HMS President is sure to get every potential guest excited. After all, who doesn’t love weddings on board?Right under the glittering night sky on the deck, you can exchange your vows in style. Besides, there will be a magical backdrop of Thames to adorn your wedding photographs.

The Constellations Suite
The Constellations Suite is a perfect place to plan a constellation (gathering) amidst a whimsical setting that looks like a celestial sphere (constellation). Part of its whimsical essence comes from the illuminated ceiling that looks like the star-studded night sky. It is spacious enough to accommodate an eventful cocktail reception or even a sit down dinner for up to 150 guests. You won’t find a better themed venue for your starry starry wedding night than this one!


To end the celestial night in a creative way, give out unique favours to your guests so they can remember your D Day forever. To make them even more special, give out favours that make their wishes come true.

  • Fortune cookies shaped chocolates will definitely please your guests
  • Star fairy wands with which they can “wish upon a star”
  • Give out glow in the dark stars that they can stick to their room ceiling and walls
  • Star shaped key chains, cookies, and soaps are also good options
  • Star shaped floating candles will also make great favours

Just get your creative juices flowing as you have many ideas to play with. If planned thoughtfully, possibilities are endless!

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