Smoking Summer Menu for Your BBQ Party in London

Summer is here in London, and serving a barbecue menu at your party is a natural choice. The season brings with a great choice of vegetables, fruits, and recipes that can be grilled to please even a finicky guest. BBQ food can sometimes be as messy as it is tasty. Thus, an outdoor party space will be a perfect choice for your event.

Hire from summer BBQ venues London and plan a perfect party menu to impress your guests. You will find best outdoor BBQ venues in the city where you can plan a sizzling summer event. Use these amazing ideas to prepare a variety of items, in small quantities, so that everyone enjoys the feast:

Grilled kebabs fit any barbecue party theme. They are easy to prepare and require less labour. Just fill skewers with chicken, or lamb, scallions, cherry tomatoes, and peppers. Complement kebab main dishes with fresh spinach salad and Tabouli. If you have few vegetarian guests, then prepare skewers filled with some fresh vegetables. Tuck some pieces of boneless chicken or shrimp in between these veggies to give a special treat to meat eaters. For desserts, serve barbecued fruits kebabs, with some tasty dips and ice creams.

Hot Dogs and Burgers
A classic barbecue food duo - burgers and hot dogs will make your party more exciting. Instead of serving regular fares, give your menu a twist by adding flavourful ingredients, such as tomato chutney, herbed breadcrumbs, jalapenos, and other spices. You can use some yummy hot dog toppings, ranging from mustard sauce and ketchup to avocado or feta. Chargrilled hamburgers, with delicious BBQ sauce and fried bacon will give more flavours to your menu.

Tropical BBQ
Themes like beach, pool, luaus can be made perfect by introducing a tropical BBQ menu. Serve prawns, grilled tuna steaks, ribs, lemon chicken, and sweet and sour sauce for the main course. Grill some slices of fresh pineapple and add it to refreshing fruit salads of berries, grapes, melons, and mint leaves. Tropical BBQ desserts must include grilled amaretto peaches, fried bananas, and toasted coconut flan.

These barbecue menu ideas fit for any party themes. Use them wisely to create a long lasting impact on your invited guests.

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