Six Cardinal Sins You Must Avoid at London Meetings

Most professionals in London have to attend at least one meeting in a week, if not more. Common complaints about a business meeting include, lack of an agenda, poor planning, and inadequate preparation of participants. When planning your meeting at London conference venues, make sure you stay away from some deadly sins that can lead to an unproductive event. Follow these tips and avoid committing these cardinal sins while planning a business meeting in London.

Lack of an Agenda
Every meeting must have an agenda. Otherwise, there will be no point in conveying it. However, most agendas are vague and driven by the need to meet within a timeframe. Rambling discussions, time wastage, and unclear agenda means no structure to your meeting. Absence of a chairperson will lead your meeting breaking into separate discussions too. Thus, one person, one meeting, and one clear agenda this is how you should plan a corporate meeting.

Where is the End Time
Your meeting will begin sharp at 9 am, says the email. But, does it have an end time? The answer to this is ‘no’. A great strategy to make your London conference a sure success is to shorten the length of meetings. This will help you to achieve the conference objectives within limited timeframe.

Technology Interference
Banning mobile phones during meetings may sound dictatorial. But, this helps in minimising distractions. In most conferences, you will find delegates hooked to their mobile phones and others not paying attention to the proceedings. So, make sure your employees pay more attention to your agenda than their mobile phones.

Free for All
Sometimes making the meeting free for all may lead to inappropriate participants. Try to follow the culture and have people who are most appropriate for your meeting. Invite only your company employees, who will benefit from the conference agenda.

Lack of Mutual Respect
You should make an effort to listen when another participant is speaking. This is what regarded as courtesy and professionalism. Avoid disrespecting your co-participants. Do not have multiple people talking at the same time to one another.

Mute Audience
One-way communication is one of the biggest sins at your London meetings. This turns an event into droning monologues, where one participant speaks and rest just listen. Give enough opportunity to your audience to give their views and insights to make your event interesting. Let them ask you questions or to make it more interactive, you can ask them suggestions.

These cardinal faux pas make most meetings unproductive. Stay away from these and plan a successful corporate event in London.

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