Significant Tips To Plan A Wedding Budget At Wedding Venues in London

Budget Wedding Venues

Planning for a wedding is a major task. If you consider coordinating with different suppliers as tiring, setting up everything in budget may even daunt you more. It is often observed that the expenses of the wedding often pass the estimated budget. It becomes a big trouble for those with limited budget. This is the reason it becomes significant to plan a budget for your wedding carefully.

There are numerous aspects to be considered ranging from wedding gifts, food, decoration, hiring a wedding venue in London and more. It is essential to determine how much to spend on what. Breaking down your budget on these aspects will help in ideal budget handling.

It is important to survey the market before you finally make your bookings. This helps in getting a clear picture of the amount of money you require overall.

A general break up of how much you may require for a budget wedding arrangements:

Catering and Reception

Most of the expenditure goes on reception and catering in a wedding. Almost half of the wedding budget is spent on these two. The cost includes food, cost of catering staff, hiring of the venue etc.


This may cost you anywhere between 5 to 15 percent depending what you choose for adorning the venue. Some London venues are decorated such that they may not require any extra utilities. However, some budget venues in London may look good only if decorated well. In case, you are looking forward to a themed wedding, the cost may go little higher.

Photography and Videography

Around 7 to 10 percent of your budget will go in this and the cost depends on the photographer you are planning to hire. More experienced and reputed photographers will obviously cost more.

Gifts and Favours

About 10 percent of your budget goes in wedding favours and it mainly depends on the number of guests invited.


A good amount of your budget, rather 25-30 percent goes in wedding ring and apparels. About 2 percent is allotted to wedding cake and 10-15 percent approximately goes in music and invitations.

The listed aspects are all dependent on your priority. Decide what is more important to you and consequently adjust your expenses no budget. This will surely help you in bringing everything in budget for your wedding.

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