Rock Star Birthday Party Ideas for Little Divas in London

Does your little girl love to sing out her favourite tunes? Does she dream of performing for millions of screaming fans? Does your little girl want to be a rock star? Then make her dream come true by throwing a rock star themed birthday party for her.

If it is a music loving diva’s birthday, the only way to celebrate is in style. Have a sparkling party in London with a fun colour palette, dance, and sweet treats to keep the guests rocking long after the party ends. From invitations to party decorations, look no further for your ticket to a fabulous party.

Glittery Invitations
Invitations need to be inviting, as these little cards will set the right tone for the party. Here are some ideas to get you started. Get your invitations designed in the shape of a guitar, a CD, or like concert tickets. Tear the end of each guest’s ticket as he/she enters the venue. Another creative idea is to paste a photo of your child with her favourite singer on the front of the invitation cards. All you need to do is use some Photoshop tricks. Colours like black paired with hot pink and turquoise would gel well with your theme. Add some glitter and get ready to dazzle the recipients. Besides, there should be some key elements in your design including a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano, music symbols, and microphones.

Include creative invitation wording for your party details, such as:

  • Please join us for a rocking good time
  • Party like a rock star for Elle’s 10th birthday
  • Fans will be coming from near and far, come party with our rock star

Fun Decorations
Decorating for a rock-star party is easy. Roll out a red carpet on the pathway and hang a banner on the door that says, “Rock concert tonight-sold out.” If the venue features ambient lighting, nothing could be better than that. The colourful aura will get everyone in the party mood. To give a groovy feel to the ambience, hang glittery stars and disco balls from the ceiling. If there are any closed doors visible from your party venue, give them different themed names, like Recording Studio, Dressing Room, and Sound Stage. Create a special stage for little guests to sing, dance, and party the night away like a rock star.

Food Ideas
Serve delicious French fries and popcorns in hot pink stadium cups. Top the popcorns with cinnamon, sugar, caramel sauce, cheese powder, and sea salt. How about adding some ice-cream cone microphones to your party menu? You can also make star-shaped sandwiches and cheese. Add fruit and crackers to complete your menu.

Activity to Get the Party Going
To keep the fun quotient up, make sure to include some groovy activities. Here are some ideas.

Record a “Happy Birthday Song”: As guests sing out the Happy Birthday song, record it. It will be a great keepsake too.
Karaoke Competition: Consider booking a birthday venue in London that offers jukeboxes. Let the little guest come one by one on stage and belt out their favourite tunes.
Decorate your guitar: Set out guitar cut outs, crayons, glitter, glue, and rock star themed stickers on a table and let the little divas get creative.
Disco Dance Contest: Why not let the little guests shake a leg on the dance floor. Get ready to bogie down and have a disco dance contest.
Rock n’ Roll Freeze Dance: All guests will begin dancing as the music starts, but who can “freeze” when it stops? And for how long?

If your little girl is into music, a rock star theme will be perfect for her next birthday in London. Follow these ideas and tips and get ready to rock.

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