Returning to the Altar: Planning a Second Wedding in London

Is this your second marriage? Whether you are divorced or widowed, a second (or third) marriage is a blessing and a new opportunity for life-long commitment and marital bliss. Older, wiser, and still smitten by love, this time around, you know what you want out of your wedding. Not that your first wedding was a disaster, but if it wasn’t quite right the first time, make sure you do it right this time. Here is how encore couples can plan their nuptial.

If either of you have kids from previous marriages, let them be the first to know about your decision to tie the knot. Even if they adore your fiancée, the mere fact of having a stepparent will make them feel uneasy. It’s good that they are first ones to know about your decision to get remarried.

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Often young couples getting married do not prefer a big soiree, but now that you have the savings with you, why not go for an extravagant affair. Get the biggest cake, purchase that lace gown you ever dreamt of, book a lavish hotel venue in London, and fulfil your wedding dreams. Or make the most of being near Thames and book a luxury cruise to exchange vows against the marvellous backdrop of Thames.

Casual or Formal
Had a stuffy formal reception last time? This time, have a casual affair. The only rule of a second wedding is to “have fun”. This time, you are not bound by the traditions and you can go as far as a backyard barbeque or a cocktail reception.

There is no rule saying that encore brides cannot wear that beautiful all-white dress. If you couldn’t wear it when you first got married, try it now, even if you are a bride over 40. You can replace your veil with a beautiful tiara, as wearing veil is generally a first-time bride tradition. Or why not add some fresh flowers to your bun or leave your hair loose and adorn them with a floral tiara.

If you are planning a formal wedding, go for engraved invitations. For a casual wedding, you can send balloon invitations (recipients will have to blow them up to read your message) or if your guest list is small, send your “message in a bottle.” Not sure what to include in the wording? Using your first husband’s surname does not seem right to you. Here is how you can solve the dilemma:

"Ms. Lucy Edward
with her daughter Kate and her son Brandon
Mr. Michael Andrews
with his son James Andrews
request the pleasure of your company
at the union of their families

Involve Your Kids
It’s good to involve your kids in your wedding planning as your fiancée is going to be a part of their family soon. Assign them different roles like ring bearer, bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen, or organisers. But don’t assume that they want to get involved. If they are a bit reluctant, don’t push. Also, make sure to seat them at your reception table. It would be a nice gesture.

Remember that you might have got married earlier, but not to each other. For the two of you together, it’s the first marriage so make it as grand, unique, and special as you can.

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