Ravishing Corporate Event Ideas to Relish London Summers

Did you observe the sun shining brighter, people wearing lighter clothes and the city changing its hues? No points for guessing, we are referring to the summertime in London. Given the pleasant London weather, are you still stuck in the clinical corporate life of yours? Why not take a short break, step out and actually soak in the summer air of the city to the fullest? If you are game, we at Thecitycollection.org have brought some very interesting corporate activity ideas that you can enjoy as a team. Join us as we discuss some of the most wonderful summer hangout ideas for corporate teams, ones that would allow everyone to unwind, relax and reconnect with each other, while enjoy the splendour of London summers.

Treasure Hunt at Kanaloa

1. Let’s Go Hunting for a Hidden Treasure, Shall We?

This is one game that most of us must have played at least once in life. Admit it – either as a part of school activity, birthday celebration or something else, we have all enjoyed participating in a thrilling treasure hunt. Don’t you still have a tender spot in your heart for these mystery quests? By organizing a little treasure hunt, you allow the office staff to slip back into the innocence of their childhood, and experience the same thrill and rush all over again.
Besides, you can always complement the treasure hunt with cocktails, snacks and other delights. And while we are at it, we have got a perfect venue in place for organizing an exciting treasure hunt. Kanaloa is an interesting option for organizing the Tiki-styled oriental themed mystery quests. With guards dressed as Tiki-warriors, flowers, awesome furnishings etc, visiting this venue is an experience in itself. To book or discover more about the Kanaloa venue, click here.

Grange Wine Bar BBQ

2. Or You Fancy a BBQ-Cocktail Party Instead?

If you intend to have a rather peaceful and fun alfresco experience, why not organize a perfect BBQ and cocktail party instead? This option is best if you are not in the mood for treasure hunt or any other draining activity. Just enjoy the little perks of barbecuing amidst the London summers, while enjoying a few drinks. In fact, the employees can participate and prepare some mouth-watering Barbecue snacks themselves. And if you search right, you’d be able to find a venue that offers complimentary drinks and a very helpful staff as well. We do recommend booking Grange Wine Bar for a fine BBQ. The place is amazingly chic, with a very helpful staff. You’d definitely enjoy it there.

Grange St. Paul

3. Are We Game for a Movie Marathon?

If you would like to further add a dimension to the summertime hangout, you can include a movie marathon as well. How many movies do we get to watch while working anyway? Thus, prepare a set list of movies, count everyone’s opinion in it, and book a London venue with large screens and comfortable sitting arrangements to organize a movie marathon night. You can also include the typical movie snack – popcorn and nachos with flavoured sodas etc. But since we are not exactly in our high school, we can perhaps opt for various hard drinks and other snacks as well. You can also appoint this responsibility to the venue staff, to procure the scrumptious snacks and delightful drinks, whereas you enjoy the movies with your colleagues. The Royal Suite at Grange St. Paul’s Hotel is an option worth considering for a personalized and comfortable movie marathon.

Bank of England Outdoor Sports Activites

4. Or Some Fantastic Outdoor Team Building Activities and Sports?

Summers certainly offer an excellent time to organize various outbound activities for the team. There are various places in London that allow for the corporate entities to organize fun outdoor corporate events. Are you planning a new outdoor team building exercise? Would you like to include various sports activities like cricket, lawn tennis etc as part of the outdoor recreation? There are various outdoor venues which are perfect for your requirements. Besides, they come with brilliant Afternoon Tea, buffet and other pleasant catering options. One such mind-boggling option is the Bank of England Sports Centre. You can organize a complete sports day here, or engage in lawn tennis, cricket etc, while enjoying the popular English afternoon tea at the venue. Besides, you may also host an enjoyable buffet meal here.

HMS Belfast

5. How about a Breath-taking Cruise of Thames?

Let’s face it. The best parts of London summers are often spent taking a walk or cruising around the Thames. All of us love visiting various alfresco restaurants around the Thames and be captivated by the beauty of it. So why not really go out on an official cruise of the same? One can anytime book a yacht or other floating venue on Thames and treat the employees with the breathtaking views of the river. And if you want more, we have got a fancy venue for you.

HMS Belfast is known for organizing epic events, especially for the corporate organizations. Would you like to go on a secret mission on a ship? Armed with cameras, loads of cash, a unique password, and a mission pack? Make you team undergo a series of intelligence gathering assignments, undertake code breaking experiences and win cash rewards in return. And all of this, ON A SHIP! Besides, with approximately 10 different assignments ranging from sweeping for bugs, cracking safes to deactivating bombs, the Top Secret Mission package of HMS Belfast offers oodles of fun and thrill. And all this adventure, along with delicious food, comes at a mere price of £55.00 + VAT per person. Besides, you can also opt for their other specific team building, leadership and communication skills enhancement workshop. If you are intrigued, you can book HMS Belfast venue here.

This summer, discover Thames like never before and give your staff a mesmerizing experience that they would remember for life.

This brings us to the end of the post. We are afraid we only had this much to offer for today. Was this post helpful? Did you enjoy reading it? Please let us know your opinions and in the comments section below. Also, keep following this space for further interesting party and venue ideas in London.

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