Planning an Engagement Party – Ideas for a Successful Celebration

Nowadays, many couples desire to host a sparkling engagement party that really stands out in everyone’s memory. An engagement party is not only a perfect way to celebrate a couple’s promise, but it is also a chance to introduce family and colleagues to each other.

Getting engaged with your ‘Prince Charming’ or ‘Ms Perfect’ feels exciting and amazing, and deserves a celebration. Whether you prefer hosting a barbecue at your backyard, reserving a dinner venue at any hotel or enjoying cocktails with your mate at any unique place, here are some of the ideas that will help you to plan a glamorous engagement party in London.

Exchanging Rings in the Air
Hire a hot-air balloon and exchange your rings in midair. London has a large fleet of hot air balloons, having large baskets that hold up to 16 passengers at a time. You can hire any one of them based upon your needs. Breathtaking views will entice your guests and this ultimate experience will continually mark your engagement celebration in the memories of your guests. Make sure the balloon land in a scenic spot and savour a catered champagne brunch.

Champagne or Wine Tasting
London Eye is one of the best places, allowing you to book a private capsule for up to 20 guests. The champagne tasting capsule is perfect for small and intimate celebration where your guests can savour five sparkling Champagnes from the esteemed House of Pommery. It is a little expensive affair but worth every pound, you pay. If you are looking for some other options, then you can consider hiring a river cruise with wine tasting entertainment.

Theme Cocktails
What is the need of serving five-course sit-down meal at your engagement party? Keep that arrangement for your wedding celebration. An engagement party is best suited with a themed cocktail party. Request your guests to dress to the nines or follow a themed dress code. Whether you choose a silver-screen style or vintage theme, make sure to give a prior notice to your guests.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a high roller to accommodate in city’s most royal suites. Many hotels are offering a range of suites and penthouses at a highly affordable price. These suites come with their separate party lounge and are ideal to celebrate your decision to tie the knot. If you are looking for a royalty option, then you can check out Grange St. Paul’s Royal Suite. This stylish penthouse venue boasts private balcony where you can enjoy the occasion while overlooking the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Romantic and Real
Glam up your look and get ready to exchange the rings at a rented cocktail bar with crystal chandeliers and chic decor. Perfect for small and intimate celebrations, these bars offer a private tunnel where you are free of distractions and able to say your engagement vows in private. Dirty Martini Hanover Square is one of the best cocktail bars, featuring a relaxed destination for both private events and business celebrations.

So, pick any one of the themes not only to entice your guests but also to host a memorable engagement party that you will never forget.

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