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From proxy attendance, last-minute assignments, exams to your college crush, your friends boyfriends/girlfriend, college fights and cheerleaders; everything is treasured in your heart. Well, college days are meant to be there, with you, for lifetime; isn’t it? Now, with a hectic working schedule, personal and social life, it really feels good to recall memories from college life, isn’t it?

Hosting a reunion and revisiting the amazing time of college with your amazing friends would be fun. But, a reunion is easier said than done, especially when you are not in touch with your college buddies for a long time. Your college’s alumni association can assist you to make contact with your friends and plan the reunion party. Just hop on to our list of ideas that will help you to host an amazing reunion party.

Fix a Budget

Budget can make or break your plans for a reunion. It is quite necessary to decide the budget and consider all major as well as small expenses. Be sure to ask your friends for suggestions as something new and unique might get explored. Higher the budget, the more people can be invited to the party. If your budget is not sufficient, you can ask your guests to share in some amount.

Choose a Date

If you don’t want any of your college mates to miss out on fun reunion, deciding a date would be necessary. The best idea is to organize your party on weekends, so that work should not be an excuse for them. Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and even Thanksgiving are the best times to organize college reunions. Well, if still in a state of confusion, discuss with your friends.


This reunion shall be the most memorable and fantastic party for everyone to dwell in the old college world. Thus, deciding the venue becomes imperative. Be it a party hall or a boat venue, we reckon, a venue can really set the mood for your party. To give a special touch to the venue, decorate the walls with college banners and student’s tag lines about the college.


Reunion Invites

Sending the invitation is the first step towards your planning for reunion. Prepare the list of friends, so you don’t miss any of your good friends for the celebration and get their contact details confirmed. If this sounds too difficult for you, then you can ask your closest friends to help you out. Once you have completed the list, decide college theme invitation. This might just bring back some memories for them too.

The Last Touch-Up

To avoid any confusion, keep a loop of who finally attends the reunion. If any of your old friends has not answered to the invites, try getting in touch with them again through phone or mail to ensure the invitation got to them. In addition, before making the final payments to the venue and food, don’t forget to check terms and conditions of the deal.

Relax and Enjoy!

Enjoy and Celebrate

You deserve applause as you have set up an amazing party for your old friends. It is true that you need to supervise the vendors and ensure that they are doing their work, besides you have to catch up with friends. Don’t forget to appreciate the presence of guests as well as those who assisted the plans of reunion party.

Follow these above ideas and host a superb college reunion for all your friends. Try to be creative and quirky with decorations and food. Enjoy to the core and re-live you old college days as they knock your door, yet again!

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