Planning a Masquerade Gala at Ball Venues in London

If you are looking for an over the top and ornate theme, a masquerade party is the best choice. A masquerade ball is all about elegant costumes, glittery decorations, bright masks, and music. This theme is ideal for corporate galas, cocktail receptions, and birthdays. London is brimming with venues that will suit your theme so well. From elegant livery halls to historic venues, whatever you are looking for, London has it all. If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas, here are some to kick start party planning.

Elegant masquerade balls demand glorious and elegant venues like ballrooms, livery halls, and historic venues. London is brimming with such alluring options. You will find a lot of London ball venues that offer a perfect backdrop for such elegant parties. With crystal chandeliers and domed ceilings, these venues promise grand galas. But, make sure to book a venue in advance so you can get the best venue at best price.

Costumes are the most important part of a masquerade party. Ask your guests to come dressed in elegant party dresses like ball gowns and suits. Also, encourage guests to wear decorative masks covering their eyes. These masks add a sense of mystery to the party.

Start with choosing a colour scheme. Rich colours like deep purple coupled with a gold or silver accent will evoke the theme. Once you have chosen a colour scheme, purchase masks, large candles, and balloons to quickly transform the look of your venue. To evoke a romantic ambience, use lots of candles and fairy lights to illuminate the venue. Also, sprinkle glitter on the tables to add a festive touch. For centrepieces, use treasure chest or king’s crown.

Make your special occasion even more special with masquerade theme. Arrange a marvellous masquerade gala with the help of these ideas.

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