Planning A Hawaiian Luau in London

Ho’omaika’i ’ana. It means “congratulations” in Hawaii, as you have landed on the right page for Hawaiian party ideas. Throwing a luau in London is so exciting, especially if the weather is a little kind. Fun costumes, colourful aura, and above all, the very spirit of a luau make it a perfect theme for summer parties, outdoor gatherings, pool parties, and birthdays. Here is a ‘how to guide’ to make party planning process simpler for you. So, put on your grass skirt, light up the tiki torches, and get ready for a fun-filled Hawaiian party.

Invitations will set the tone, so it’s sage to word them thoughtfully. Give your ordinary English a Hawaiian twist and include some Hawaiian vocabulary. You need not use all of these. Use them wisely to evoke the theme and set a celebratory vibe. The guests should easily understand your invitation.

If you are in love with luaus but need a new twist, how about Hollywood meets Hawaii celebration? You will be surprised to know that we have several celebrities who are Hawaiian like Barack Obama, Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Jack Johnson (a musician), and Bob Shane (American singer). You already have some great costume ideas. Some celebrities who have lived in Hawaii include Lance Armstrong, Jack Johnson, and Oprah Winfrey. Think of movies that feature Hawaii and make one of them your theme. George of the Jungle, The Hulk, The Beachcombers, Avatar, Raiders of the Lost are some that top the list. Costumes mixing Hollywood with Hawaii are sure to be fun. Imagine Green painted Hulk wearing a floral Hawaiian Shirt or blue painted Neytiri (the girl in Avatar) wearing a grass skirt and coconut bras.

Mere thought of Hawaiian food makes one’s stomach rumble. The idea is to keep your menu as colourful as possible. Serve some delightful Hawaiian cocktails like ‘Blue Hawaiian’ and ‘Banana Lover’. Serve them in coconut cups with cocktail umbrellas. Remember that no beach themed party is complete without a shark. Here comes your creativity. Pick a watermelon and carve it to look like a shark. Be careful, it isn’t like cutting butter with knife. Your menu should include kid kebabs with cubes of pineapple, ham, cherries, and cheese on wooden skewers.

A few well-placed props and your party venue is ready to leave everyone dazzled. At the entrance, put two hula girls’ piñatas to welcome the guests and add a fun quotient. Fill the whole place with appropriate props like inflatable palm trees and hula-hoops here and there. Cover the tables with grass skirts to add that unusual touch to your setting. Light up tiki torches and suspend colourful paper lanterns from the ceiling to give a celebratory vibe.

To add to the fun quotient, ask your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, coconut bras, straw hats, and flip-flops. As they enter, welcome them with multi-coloured flower leis. It is a Hawaiian tradition. Also, hand out flower tiaras and bracelets to keep up with the theme. Being the host, you have to dress up to the nines. You can purchase Hawaiian costumes online at Here you can also find some tropical decorations and party supplies to create the right ambience.

To transport your guests to the Hawaiian Island, play some Hawaiian guitar music. This will get everyone in the mood and in ‘Aloha’ spirit. Create a playlist of songs by Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, and The Beach Boys. Or you can find great Hawaiian music here at If you don’t prefer to buy music online, here is a list of songs that will set the right mood for the party and gel well with your theme too.

  1. Coconut Juice - Tyga
  2. Island - the Starting Line
  3. Summertime - Kenny Chesney
  4. Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira
  5. Nothin’ like The Summer - Carmen Rasmusen
  6. Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
  7. Sunshine and Summertime - Faith Hill
  8. Feels Like Summer Again - the Wallflowers
  9. Temperature - Sean Paul
  10. California - Phantom Planet

Just music and costumes do not make a great party. You need to include some interesting activities to liven things up. And Hawaiian party gives you plenty of themed activities that will get everybody’s heart racing. Here are the top three.

Hula Dancing
How about arranging a hula dance contest at your party venue? There are many popular hula dance forms, but Ami and Kaholo are two of the most popular ones.

Ami: Move your waist as if you are using a hula-hoop but without shaking your shoulders.
Kaholo: Put your hands on your hips or your side. Bend your knees slowly and slightly and then move twos steps to the left and two steps to the right. .

You can even hire a professional hula dancer and ask guests to put their dancing shoes on and copy her. The one who shows the best moves shall be awarded.

Limbo Competition
This is the ultimate Hawaiian game that includes two stands with pegs and a crossbeam. Set the crossbeam shoulder high and ask your guests to line up. Also, play some music to get the party going. Ask your guests to get under the stick. Lower the level of the stick each time and see who wins the game. The game ends when one person can limbo under the crossbeam and no one else can.

Hawaiian Knot Making
Another fun Hawaiian game! A group of people will stand in a circle. Start the music and ask everyone to close their eyes and hold each other’s hands. Once each person is holding hands with someone, stop the music. Then tell everyone to disentangle the knot created without letting go.

Since you have chosen a beach themed party, you cannot just throw it anywhere. The place has to be something related to the theme. Here are some ideas:

Pool Luau
Imagine dipping your toes in the pool with your favourite shades on and cocktail in coconut cups in hand. If you don’t stay near the beach, go for a pool party. There are plenty of hotels with lavish swimming pools that you can hire in London.

Floating Venues
Bring the beach fun right into your party with hiring a boat or a cruise. Thames gives you plenty of floating venues to arrange your luau. All you need to do choose from range of venues as per your budget and capacity requirements. HMS Belfast, HQS Wellington, and HMS President are some of the swankiest ships available for hire in London.

Gardens for Hire
Beautiful gardens make wonderful venues for Hawaiian themed party. The best thing is that Mother Nature offers her beauty for free. Hosting a luau in a garden means you already have flowers and greenery as your party backdrop, so you can save on decorations. London is brimming with garden and outdoor venues for hire. Choose a venue where you can imagine your party guests having fun.

Rooftop Venues
Why not make your Hawaiian luau, a summer fiesta? Hire a rooftop venue and party under the smiling sun. London has a fair share of rooftop venues including glass bars and terrace gardens, offering an unparalleled backdrop of city’s skyline. Some alluring venue choices available with are Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace and 40/30.

Planning a Hawaiian themed party only requires creativity and your precious time. Use these ideas to throw an eventful Hawaiian luau that your guests will cherish for years.

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